Golden EMA Trophy

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Golden EMA Trophy
Motto: Winner of the Golden MTV EMA Awards!
Release date: 2009
Rare Values
Category: Super Rares

The Golden EMA Trophy (previously 'Gold MTV EMA Trophy') was a competition prize given out in the hundreds for both the 2009 and 2010 MTV European Music Awards MTV European Music Awards (Wikipedia) campaigns on Habbo. This competition ran as part of a partnership between Sulake and MTV.Habbo Hotel and MTV (Sulake).


In the 2009 competition, only those who predicted all of the acts who won awards correctly would win. 5 were won in this initial campaign, some later given out to room competition winners MTV Trophys (Habbox Forum). However, the following year, the next subsequent MTV EMA campaign gave the trophy as a prize to every 500th voter from Habbo as well as competition winners, this both decreased the trophy's rarity on the hotel and sharply reduced its value.

Here is the text from the release article:

"This year Habbo is proudly joining forces with the MTV Europe Music Awards to give you the chance to win some fantastic prizes. Voting has opened for the 2009 EMA's, so cast your vote now to select who you want to see win. Everyone who votes will automatically receive the opportunity of being awarded a very special new Rare. So, the question is: Who do you want to see picking up a sparkling trophy in Berlin this Autumn? If you're really keen to bag yourself that very special Rare, then you'll be pleased to hear that we are going to reset the votes every single week. This means you can pop back every Friday to vote again for who you want to win and you'll receive extra chances of winning the Rare.Habbo MTV EMA 2009: Article (Habbo Earth)

Value & Status

This item remains a staple in casino trophy showcases, its more common counterpart and fellow campaign prize, the (silver) MTV EMA Trophy, is lesser sought after and much lower in value. Both can often be seen in the Habbo Marketplace.


Habbo's who joined the MTV EMA 2009 group got also a badge:

Name Description Image
MTV Badge MTV EMA '09 Group Member

Later in 2010 habbo's could win another badge:

Name Description Image
MTV EMA 2010 Music rocks my life! MTV EMA 2010.


Known Examples

Owner Quantity Updated
Zh 1 02-Jan-2020
Blinx 8 25-May-2017
Total 9