Emerald Chest Of Light

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Emerald Chest Of Light
Release date: 07 September 2017
Release price: 75 Credits and 75 Diamonds
Rare Values
Category: Crackables
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Emerald Chest Of Light is a furniture item released on the 7th of September 2017 for the price of 75 Credits and 75 Diamonds. It is similar to the Azure Chest Of Light that was released in August 2016, however, this chest contains a different re-colour of the same rares. The Chest's description in the Shop stated that the crates would only be available for 24 hours, however, they were still available to be bought two weeks later. Upon buying a chest, you can place it in a room to use the chest itself as a furniture item, or you can open it to reveal one of the fifteen Classical Rares that it contains. To open a chest, a player must place it in a room and double-click it. This will instantly open the chest. All of the fifteen rares included in these chests are re-colours of various Classical, V7, and V11 Rares.

An emerald re-colour of the road barriers was uploaded at the same time as the emerald rares, but was not released until later in October 2021 as a new rare.

Emerald Rares

Name Image
Emerald Dragon Lamp Emerald dragon lamp.gif
Emerald Giant Pillows Emerald giant pillow.gif
Emerald Ice Cream Maker Emerald ice cream maker.gif
Emerald Elephant Emerald elephant.gif
Emerald Fountain Emerald fountain.gif
Emerald Powered Fan Emerald powered fan.gif
Emerald Amber Lamp Emerald amber lamp.gif
Emerald Laser Portal Emerald laser portal.gif
Emerald Smoke Machine Emerald smoke machine.gif
Emerald Parasol Emerald parasol.gif
Emerald Marquee Emerald marquee.gif
Doric Emerald Pillar Doric emerald pillar.gif
Emerald Spaceship Door Emerald spaceship door.gif
Emerald Oriental Screen Emerald oriental screen.gif
Emerald Sleeping Bag Emerald sleeping bag.gif