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Classic Rares are Rares which have been steadily released ever since Habbo opened in 2000. Although many new Furni ranges on Habbo are now classed as Seasonal or Categorised Rares (those furni ranges which are only released for a certain amount of time, such as Voodoo. Some of these Classic Rares, such as the Throne, Snow Globe and the Purple Parasol have become a must-have in many rooms such as Casinos and Grabbers (also showing that they mainly fall in the gambling genre); meaning that they usually sustain a respectable value. Two of the most valuable Classic Rares to date are the Throne. A majority of these rares have been on numerous hotels since 2002 which makes many Classic Rares 10 years old.

However, with the variety of furniture actually available on each hotel today, some Classic Rares have become less important, and thus decrease in value. The Dino Egg, for example, was at a stable 350 credits a few months ago. Not all Classic Rares are expensive - although the rarer ones, usually with nostalgia or memories behind them, sell for outrageous prices.

The rares have also been released in different ways, whether it be through a Catalogue release (accidently or deliberately), competitions or just spotted in various staff rooms, they have been a part of the game for most of it, even surviving major changes such as the merge.

Some Classic Rares come in a set, such as Parasols, Bird Baths and Amber Lamps, although some have been renamed (such as Blue Amber Lamp to Royal Egyptian Lamp). Countless rares have gone out of circulation with reasons such as Bans and players leaving Habbo, which makes them rarer, and other players will pay more for them in the hope they can gain profit or just find that correct item for their room.

Classic Rares don’t always all appear on each hotel, and to this day, some hotels haven’t got full sets, such as the Parasols. Other rares are simply never released or put into circulation. Classic Rares have a wide variety and some can even be classed as unique - despite many newer players not knowing the origins.

Classical Rares

Here are the following Classical Rares

Name Image
Throne Throne1.gif
Typewriter Typewriter.gif
Russian Samovar Russian Samovar.png
Gold Trophy Gold Trophy 2.png
Silver Trophy Silver Trophy.png
Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy.png
Holoboy Holoboys.png
Hologirl Hologirl1.gif
Royal Egyptian Lamp Amber blue.gif
Red Amber Lamp Red Amber Lamp.png
Yellow Amber Lamp Yellamber 1.png
Jade Birdbath Jade Birdbath.png
Grey Fountain Grey Fountain.png
Granite Fountain Granite Fountain.png
Blue Kimberlite Fountain Blue Kimberlite Fountain.png
Golden Elephant Golden Elephant.png
Silver Elephant Silver Elephant.png
Bronze Elephant Bronze Elephant.png
Yellow Parasol Yellow para.gif
Orange Parasol Parasol orange.gif
Violet Parasol Violet Parasol.png
Green Parasol Green Parasol.png
Holiday Romance Holiday Romance.gif
Santa and Elf Santa and elf.png
Aloe Vera Aloe.gif
Crusoe's Hammock Hammock.gif
DJ Turntable Dj 2.png
Habbo Cola Machine Habbo Cola Machine.png
Habbo Globe Habbo Globe.png
Petal Patch Petal.gif
Speaker's Corner Speaker's Corner.png
Infobus Infobus.gif
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg.png