Amber Lamps

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Amber Lamps
Motto: A honey-hued glow"
"A gift from the Pharaohs..."
"No bees were harmed during the production"
"Only with these on will you be able to see the truth!"
Release date: 2003-15
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Amber Lamps are unique items and were released in the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow). Although the blue one was renamed slightly, they still are Classical Rares on each Habbo hotel.

Amber Lamps have been around different hotels since 2003 and have been released over the years with the final being 2015 with the release of the Maroon Amber Lamp. The Amber Lamps appear as a set but they weren’t all released on all the hotels. The Red Amber Lamp is the rarest due to being released in the least hotels (or being released in the catalogue the least).

They aren't worth a major amount of credits due to the other popularity of other rares, but they do make good barriers and stacking items when in Casinos; they work particularly well with Pineapple Plants and Yucca Plants. The introduction of Limited Edition Dragon Lamps also saw the price of Amber Lamps drop, as they became a more popular feature to have stacked due to the range in value.

Amber Lamps

Name Image
Royal Egyptian Lamp
Yellow Amber Lamp
Red Amber Lamp
Maroon Amber Lamp
Azure Amber Lamp
Emerald Amber Lamp
Teal Amber Lamp
Rose Gold Amber Lamp
Jade Amber Lamp
Total Amber Lamps 9