Gold Habbo Trophy

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Gold Habbo Trophy
Gold Habbo Trophy 2.PNG
Release date 2005
Category Super Rares

The Gold Habbo Trophy (also known as the 'Habbo Tower' trophy) is a super rare trophy on Habbo. It first emerged as a prize given out by Habbo Staff in competitions, events or in recognition for contributions to the hotel. This trophy forms part of a trio of Habbo Trophies, the others being the Silver Habbo Trophy and Bronze Habbo Trophy respectively.

The first ever publicly released Habbo Trophy was given to user Herbamania on Habbo Hotel UK in his popular room 'Rabbit Hole' by ex-Sulake staff Whatwasit.

Value & Status

This trophy is widely regarded as the beginning of the trend for blank Habbo trophies as a desired rare. Some early trophies given out by Dionysus were blank and highly sought after. These trophies have also been among the highest accolades for revered members of the community in the past, as they were given out to UK Habbo Council members after its disbandment in 2008.

Release Controversy

On January 2nd 2005, the trophy was released along with a number of other super rares, normal rares and seasonals in a catalogue page called Palsternakka - for a few minutes. The Gold Habbo Trophy was priced at just 15 credits. After this release, circulation and value were both dramatically affected.[1] It was also accidentally released again on the 11th November, 2005 for a short time along with its silver and bronze counterparts.[2]



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