2009 Habbo Trophy

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2009 Habbo Trophy
Motto: Winner of a 2009 Habbo of the Year competition.
Release date: 2009
Rare Values
Category: Trophies, Super Rares

The 2009 Habbo Trophy is a super rare trophy given out as a competition prize in 2009 and early 2010. Originally a prize for the winners of the Official Habbo Awards in December of 2009[1], it was later also given out in the following months for various competition prizes and event hosting around the New Year. Some Habbo Award trophies are undated, later versions are from the January of 2010.


Here's the official homepage article text announcing the Habbo Awards campaign:

"The Official Habbo Awards show is here, as we band together and celebrate the stars of 2009. Who gets your vote?

Who made you laugh? Who made you cry? Whose game rooms kept you entertained for hours on end and which Helpdesk actually helped you? Which Fansite do you feel puts in that little bit more and which couple makes your heart go "awwww"? With lucrative titles such as 'Male/Female Habbo of the Year' up for grabs, have a think about who you are going to nominate this year. The winners of each category will receive a special Trophy thanking them for their contribution to making Habbo Hotel the best place on the web, all in a splendid black-tie awards show!"[2]

Value & Status

As these are relatively few in number, their price has traditionally been very high. Although no blank versions of them are purported to exist, ones without dating or with unspecified recipients are highly sought. This item is a staple in casino trophy showcases.


Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Window 9 24-Oct-2021 Active
AlmondHaze 5 18-Jun-2023 Active
BeleiveMeSafety 3 18-Jun-2023 Active
FieryCold 3 19-May-2020 Banned
Heroic 2 20-Nov-2021 Active HABBTOPIA
DevsSafety 2 18-Jun-2023 Banned
Zh 1 02-Jan-2020 Banned
Zak 1 06-July-2020 NFS newsbox
DJ-Shadow 1 28-Oct-2019 Active
Chidiva 1 19-May-2020 NFS
Killian 1 19-May-2020 NFS
New-Naraku 1 21-Aug-2021 Inactive StrayPixels Hangout
billyk 1 21-Aug-2021 Inactive oldies
Target 1 18-Jun-2023 Active
Comet 1 18-June-2023 Active
Antinal 1 24-Oct-2021 Inactive
Axiv 1 24-Oct-2021 Inactive
BlueFeelings 1 22-Nov-2021 Active [Z] Rare Chat & Trades [T]
Kovsky. 1 24-Nov-2021 Active
heri 1 16-Feb-2022 Banned
Boulder 1 18-June-2023 Active
tf 1 24-Nov-2021 Active
MochaLover 1 18-June-2023 Inactive
ardl 1 27-Aug-2022 Inactive Paparazzi
Total 42