Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp

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Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp
Motto: Look after your brain - Talk To FRANK
Release date: 2009
Rare Values
Category: Super Rare
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp was part of the Idea Agency campaign on the UK hotel. It was released as part of the poll which was set up in the Zen Garden, which players filled out to show their knowledge of Childline and their work. The prize which players received was randomised; they could win either the Teleports, the Cake, the Jukebox or the Sofa.

The lamp is often a source of trading Scam targets, as there is a similar brain lamp from the Mad Science range which players often mistake for the FRANK brain and pay more for. Once the branding was removed from the lamp after the Merge, players began to confuse it with the Igor lamp and often pay more for. The FRANK brain is roughly ten times more expensive because there were only 1,000 Brain Lamps released into the hotel.

Although the FRANK campaign was run with the Childline, they are not directly related; FRANK focuses more on drug abuse. However, the Ice Cafe, the Infobus and Infobus Park were turned into a hub for the FRANK side of the campaign and got visits from Talk to FRANK staff to answer questions and host quizzes where the brain was given out as a prize.