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Joined habbo: 09/01/2005
Hotel: Habbo.com
Originally from: Habbo.co.uk (?)
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): 25 Months as Features Manager

Yoshimitsui, also known as Yoshi originially joined Habbox on the 22nd June 2006. He is an most commonly known as a former Features Manager however he also held the position of Co-Forum Manager at the now defunct HabboxWorld forums. During his moderation and administration career Yoshimitsui was a very popular character however in 2011 he was eventually dismissed by the then General Manager Hecktix for his inactivity. Throughout his time at Habbox he focused on the Forum side, mainly wanting to work on the content side of Habbox; he was originally given the role of Forum Moderator, eventually progressing to Super Forum Moderator and finally the Features Manager.


Role: Start Date: End Date:
Features Manager 23-Mar-2009 12-Apr-2011
Forum Super Moderator 24-Oct-2008 02-Jan-2009
10-Aug-2007 17-Feb-2008
Forum Moderator 13-Apr-2008 24-Oct-2008
16-May-2007 10-Aug-2007
HxWorld Forum Manager 2007 03-Apr-2008
Ravenclaw Head 31-Jan-2007 14-Mar-2007
Ravenclaw Prefect 30-Dec-2006 31-Jan-2007