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Habbo Hotel Guides (HHGS)
Opened: Feb 2006
Closed: Aug 2009
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: GoldenMerc

Habbo Hotel Guides, more commonly and later known as HHGS, was a Habbo fansite founded and owned by GoldenMerc which opened in February 2006 and closed in August 2009. The fansite was known for its long rivalry of Habbox over the period of its operation mainly due to the events of the Samovar Crisis but also for its Rare Values and Habbo Hotel UK staff visits to the site of which included the staff members Bec, Redtiz and DoeLee.

In terms of Rare Values, HHGS was the only site to ever truly rival Habbox in the sense. Although many sites had attempted over time to bite into the Habbox share of rare value users, none had ever truly seriously managed to threaten the hegemony of Habbox - that is, apart from HHGS. In 2008 for example, a poll on Habbox Forum itself found that HHGS had a 20% market share of users (amongst Forum users at least) whilst Habbox had a commanding lead of 75%.

In the summer of 2009, HHGS closed its doors after 3 years - mainly owing to the general decline of fansites across Habbo as well as the owner, GoldenMerc, having less time to be able to devote to the running of the site.

Past Staff

A number of past and present Habbox staff have held positions on HHGS.

Name Most senior position held at HHGS Most senior position held at Habbox
GoldenMerc Founder & Owner Forum Moderator, Expert Rare Values Reporter & HxTV Assistant Manager
JoeyK. Competitions Manager Competitions Manager & Debates Leader
Immenseman Rare Values Manager Assistant General Manager (Community)
-:Undertaker:- General Manager & Rare Values Manager Rare Values Manager
Grig HHGS Radio Manager Assistant HabboxLive Manager & Assistant News Manager
Alkaz Articles Manager Assistant General Manager (Content)
Inseriousity. Articles Staff Assistant General Manager (Community)
Jordang16 Forum Administrator Assistant Rare Values Manager & Super Moderator
Joshuar Site Tech Assistant General Manager (International) & Forum Administrator
StripedTiger Forum Manager, Events & Competitions Manager Competitions Manager & HxHD Manager
Baving Site Tech Forum Manager
Mr-Trainor Rare Values Staff Rare Values Manager
J25T Rare Values Staff & Forum Moderator Head Rare Values Reporter and Senior Content Designer
Favourtism Forum Manager & Skins Desiger News Manager
Re-call HHGS Help Desk Manager HxHD Manager
HotelUser Site Coder Assistant General Manager (Development)
.-.eXtra.-. Graphics Staff Graphics Manager
CHA!NGANG HHGS Helpdesk Assistant Manager HxHD Assistant Manager
Sianness Forum Manager Helpdesk Manager and Forum Moderator
Charlie Forum Manager Forum Super Moderator