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Opened: 2012
Closed: 2014
Habbosphere Banner 2015

HabboSphere was an official fansites of Habbo.com. Founded in early 2012 by Daft, the first version became an officially recognised fansite that year. The original fansite was run by Daft (owner) together with Kecio (Site Manager), Erx (Site Manager) and Beckaroo200 (Community Manager). HabboSphere lost its Official Status in March 2015.

After some inactivity in late 2012 and 2013, Daft revived the site together with Proms and the site again became official. By August 2014, Daft had left Proms to run the site and it eventually closed at the end of the month.

When Official Fansites applications were opened in November 2014, HabboSphere was hastily re-opened by Daft and Proms and retained the Official status. HabboSphere is no longer an active fansite, and the site address is dormant.


When it first opened, HabboSphere was a content-based fansite, with an active news section. Regular features included a weekly news quiz and competition. There was also a 'History' section, which gave detailed explanations of old features on Habbo. Other popular pages included the Wealth Guide and fun quizzes.

There were plans to launch an integrated forum & user-system, although this never materialised as Kecio and Erx left the site.