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Opened: May 2004
Closed: Nov 2015
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Rareboy (2004)
Dbzone (2004)
Impetuous (2004)
Appose (2015)
Ki.eran (2015)
Mason. (2015

HabboHut was an unofficial Habbo fansite which opened in May 2004 and closed in November 2015. HabboHut was founded in 2004 by UK Habbos by the name of Rareboy and Dbzone. HabboHut was managed by .Tubes., otherwise known as Lee, during its time as a fansite. Before the merge, HabboHut was the only fansite to have gained “Official Status” on all five individual English speaking hotels: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

HabboHut had a Goodies section, some guides, and a forum. Before it closed as a fansite, the forum had over 60,000 threads created, over 585,000 posts and over 20,000 members.

HabboHut lost its official status in 2013 and never regained it in following years when applications were opened.

In 2015, management announced the closure of the fansite.


In 2004, HabboHut started off with only a radio department. However, over the years it expanded and brought in new departments. Before its closure, the fansite offered the following staff roles:

  • Forum Moderators
  • Graphics Staff
  • News Reporters,
  • Site Staff
  • Events Organisers