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HabboHeights was a fansite for Habbo.com (International) and was previously an official fansite with the likes of Habbox. HabboHeights since lost its official status. The main website (www.habboheights.net/) was for a time only partly functional as the staff prepared to upgrade to V2. Visitors who go onto the site were simply welcomed with a message that states "v2 is around the corner!".

HabboHeights was founded as a roleplay in 2006 by Wizhared with a small group on Habbo Canada. She also created the HabboHeightsTown (or HHT for short), which was a secret for eight months of building before opening.

Wizhared worked at many fansites before considering that HabboHeights could become one, and in 2010 HabboHeights as a fansite was born.

After a time, the site became unofficial which led to lower traffic and activity. For a short while the site was still viewable and remained open, but later closed with all access to the site removed.