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Opened: 2015
Closed: 2017
Language: English
Owners: Mark

MadHabbo, an unofficial fansite, launched its version 1 in August 2015. Originally it was opened by Pension (Robbie), but due to personal commitments, he closed the site. Since then Mark and Andy took over the reigns of MadHabbo and ran the site. In August/September of 2016, they removed Version 1 to make way for their Version 2 Pre-Registration page.

During this period, on June 6th, 2016 following the summer applications, MadHabbo gained Official Status. In December 2016, MadHabbo lost their official status.

Their Version 2 Pre-Registration page was active for just over a week and allowed users to register themselves to the new version. Users who pre-registered were issued a special MadHabbo on their accounts as a thank you for signing up. On 17th September 2016, MadHabbo launched this V2. Their version 2 included badge guides, user uploaded creations, a forum, and competitions.

In April 2017, after 2 years of operation, MadHabbo closed its doors.