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MyBobba was an international Habbo fansite, but in earlier Habbo history there was another fansite under the same name which eventually closed. The fansite for the second time around opened on the 16th February 2013, but talks of it were in the making since January earlier in the year. They have also had their fansite in the spotlight in May 2013 with their games such as Battle Banzai and a Maze.

The fansite was owned by 2 different players named FunkyDJParty and Callum-Stead, but they also had 2 co-owners called EIDHumanity and Danza404. Their main and unique aim is to cater for hotels other than the English speaking hotel.

Unlike other fansites, their structure were a little different with a Radio Manager and a Head Radio Manager. Apart from that they have a small team that try and expand the fansite and they mainly focus on events and the radio side as opposed to news and content.


• They had a radio, a community forum, daily events alongside content on both the site and forum too, but they also provided players with Habbo gossip from all hotels possible that are still currently active.

• The site was helped by volunteers in the form of managers and staff whereby the managers help run the departments and delegate the workload to their staff whilst making the fansite the best it can be.