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Opened: Sept 2002
Closed: 2006/2007
Language: English
Owners: Kornkat

Bobbanet was an official fansite for The fansite was owned by Kornkat and Securico. It opened in September 2002 but closed for a short period in mid-2004. The site was revived in late 2004, presumably under the same ownership and remained open until its final closure at the end of 2006/start of 2007.

At the start of 2005, the site went offline for a few months with a new site design and features being developed. The site was revived on August 15, 2005[1] with a smoother design and a Habbo-like interface. It also came with new alterations and competitions.


The fansite had three departments; they are listed below.

  • News Department
  • Alteration Department
  • Flash/Actionscript Department



  1. HabboxForum Thread