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Habbfinity Version 3

Habbfinity was an unofficial fansite of Habbo.com. It was first opened in 2017 by Grantonius, Moussy18, Ssaruhh, Crickt, AmySkates... and Hablantis on Habbo. The idea for Habbfinity was brought up when another fansite closed down, and those involved decided they could start their own. In the beginning of October 2017, user augmented_Runes on Habbo reached out to Grantonius offering to develop for them. When users shakrod and catsamlo reached out to them and asked for positions, they immediately filled every single one of their open positions. They officially launched at May 2017. Grantonius and Ssaruhh stepped down from their positions as of January 11th 2018, as they no longer had the interest in being a part of Habbfinity. The Owner Moussy18, their site developer Augumented_Runes and General Manager Shakrod decided to continue Habbfinity, Shakrod stepping up to the role of owner with Moussy18. Habbfinity closed in 2019.