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Opened: 2011
Closed: 2012
Language: German
Hotel: Habbo.de
Owners: Chief

HabbsTown was an official fansite on Habbo.de from 15th April 2012 to sometime during the end of the same year, when the site closed down. It was one of the lesser known Fansites on the German speaking hotel, most likely due to both its short span life and also lack of recognition amongst the Habbo community, which ultimately lead to its closure.

Due to the short lifespan of the site, not much is known about HabbsTown in terms of website features, staff, and competitions. However some of the features offered by the fansite were:

  • News - Articles about various events inside and outside of Habbo.de, with commentary enabled.
  • Recent Badges - A widget displaying the most recently uploaded Badges onto the Habbo servers.
  • Events - Events hosted inside Guest Rooms to promote the fansite.
  • A forum - Which is still accessible albeit with no posts.

When the site closed down, users were shown a message informing them of a new non-Habbo-based merging project between HabbsTown and another unnamed site. This was later to be opened under the name of 4teens FM as a radio site, but that project likewise closed at a later point due to a lack of interest from users.