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Vodor.net was a popular British Habbo fansite that rapidly rose to fame in the earlier years of Habbo (estimated 2007/2008) when the famous and very wealty casino owner, Vodor, decided with a group of fellow casino owners to open a rare values site due to disillusionment with Habbox Rare Values not only over the recent Samovar Crisis but also the percieved failure of Habbox to access enough information with regards to super rare prices: mainly due to the fact that Habbox Rare Values Staff were not themselves wealthy and values could only be obtained by casino contacts.

At one point, the site was so popular and successful that many people used Vodor.net for super rares and Habbox for normal rare, seasonal and miscellaneous rare values. This came to an abrupt end however after Vodor was hacked/left Habbo Hotel. Alongside HHGS, Vodor.net was the only site that managed to challenge the hegemony of Habbox with regards to Rare Values.