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Opened: 2013
Closed: 2020
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Devy123

HabboKingdom was a fansite owned and founded by Devy123 and co-owned by Moosman1. The site opened in early August 2013 and the forum launched later that month. In March 2014 they were announced as one of the Official Fansites but by November of the same year had been removed from the list.

HabboKingdom has closed and re-opened many times in its history. The site re-opened in 2018 with the launch of Version 3 and a new owner alongside Devy123. In April 2020 it opened under the name HabboLand with Devy123 and Xanonn as owners. It closed later in 2020.

The fansite reopened once again in November 2021.