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Opened: 2006
Closed: 2012
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Luucaz
Website(s): Habborator
Twitter: Habborator

Habborator is one of many unofficial fansites of Habbo. Founded on 30th October 2006 by Luucaz, the website acts as a museum rather than a fansite for Habbo and pride itself in strong design levels with detailed, useful information. It is run by an international group of people that are specifically invited to become part of the 'Crew'.

Notable features

One of the biggest parts of the site that, during its heavy reception in its first years, was the badge archive that was the biggest and most extensive collection of badges on any fansite. This was one of the biggest parts of the fansite and has been stated to bring nearly 60% of site visits alone. The badges archive was discontinued on 5th February 2012 as the owners complained of "Too much, too much randomness, not much meaning anymore". The badge archive has been specially kept on the website as an archive. It features the image, badge codes and descriptions of 2636 badges.

Crew Members

The staff team that manage the site are notably termed the 'Crew' which is a select number of international trustees that are specifically invited to work on the site and look after its general well-being. It is understood that all staff members have the same rights within the website and that the simplistic 'msgboard' is the same for all users.

Currently, there are 11 crew members from 7 different countries. These include Star-Fighter (Finland), Zatley (UK), cjames (UK), Joe (UK), LEGOLAS-KLARA (Sweden), J0LE (Germany), Flamed (Canada), Thantos (Belgium), Laurensh1 (Netherlands), Emmerrrrrrr (Netherlands) and Luucaz (Netherlands).