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Opened: 2012
Closed: 2018
Language: English
Owners: Basket_Case

FlyHabbo was an official Habbo Fansite that first opened on the 29th November 2012. It's been through at least 6 versions since it went live, and had many owners over its time.


FlyHabbo first opened its doors on Thursday 29th November 2012, but FlyHabbo's story started long before that. It was owned by Lulz? and Results.

On January 20th 2013 FlyHabbo was taken over by MagicalSwimo and AzzaMatt and soon after they were joined by Brettles. Many months progressed and FlyHabbo went from strength to strength. After a few months of good activity, they applied to be an Official Fansite of (International) and were accepted on March 12th 2013. The next day :Lindsey joined as a Site Owner after the departure of AzzaMatt.

A few months later MagicalSwimo left the site and Tenbit was promoted from Administrator to Owner. On July 1st 2013 Brettles left the site and LostieLost was also promoted to Owner.

:Lindsey and LostieLost left FlyHabbo due to personal commitments in October 2013 leaving TenBit as the only remaining owner. MagicalSwimo then made his magical return to FlyHabbo and Elise? was promoted to site owner.

On 15th March 2014 Elise? left FlyHabbo and fansites all together. Shortly after, K1w1kid1 stepped up from Site Manager to take her place for a while, until LostieLost returned to reclaim his position as a site owner.

After months went by, LostieLost realized he did not have the time to commit to the site and therefore stepped down once again from ownership. In his place long time administrator :Cassidy filled the position on the 29th of March 2015.

The end of 2015 brought us a few changes, TenBit could no longer commit to the site, and decided to step down to pursue his career. As a result, Fuzz22 took over his position on the 28th of November 2015.

Late 2015 saw the departure of :Cassidy and early 2016 Basket_Case stepped up from her role as Senior admin into ownership, this being the last and final ownership change before the site closed in 2018.

Fansite History

The first version of FlyHabbo was available when it originally opened, and their layout featured a rainbow-like appearance with bright colours throughout. To keep members listening to the radio and viewing the forum, the layout underwent some major development and eventually a more user-friendly design was figured out.

Version 1 came to an end naturally as the site owners, administrators and department managers wanted to create custom content and advertise more. They weren't able to do this on the original version. Therefore, version 2 came.

The second version was released and designed by Brettles and went live on the 6th may 2013. The design took on a whole old-school approach which was the management's intentions throughout the development, designing, and coding of the layout and site. Initially, they wanted to appear as an older fansite and bring back layouts that reminded members of old-school Habbo.

Unfortunately, many members weren't keen on the new, old layout, but they began to grow fond of it after an amount of time. However, the version only stayed for a few months before improvements needed to be made, but instead of creating version 3 there and then they just revamped the current one.

During version 2, FlyHabbo were lucky enough to be appointed as an official fansite, joining the list on the site.

Version 2 lasted for five months, and version 3 went live late in 2013. Positive feedback was given for the layout and improvements needed in past versions were made available in that one.

After a while, late 2014, FlyHabbo released version 4, with a far more user-friendly interface.

In early 2016 the owners and site manager (Jordan/Jiwi) worked on the brand new version 5. They said that it was going to be better than ever.

Due to key players within the team leaving the staff team, the owners announced the closure of the site in 2018, but it still remained "official" to continue with the fansite events until the next application window for the official status came up.