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Habbo Mania
Opened: 2004
Closed: 2005
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.co.uk
Owners: Bavarix

Habbo Mania was an official fansite for Habbo.co.uk. It opened in early 2004 and specialised in Habbo news, guides and interviews with Habbo Staff, Hobbas and Habbo players. The fansite also had its own radio station, competitions, rare trading guide and a guest services centre. The fansite closed in late 2005 for unknown reasons.


Habbo Mania originally had five departments, each with a number of dedicated staff.

  • Forum Department
  • News Department
  • Guest Services Centre
  • Guides Department
  • Events Department

Several departments were later removed and only the News Department remained, with the Guides department merged with it. They had two managers; Nessiccan and Rosemary3, and 5 writers.


Habbo Mania was known for their guides. A list of guides written by their staff can be seen below along with the descriptions given by the staff themselves.

  • Boredom Guide - *yawn*
  • Credits Guide - Kerching!
  • DJing Guide - Habbo Radios are getting more and more popular every day, but how do you DJ online?
  • Habbo Staff Guide - *sings* I've got the power!
  • Helpline Guide - Need to talk to some professionals?
  • Hobbas Guide - Find out about the volunteer Habbo Moderators!
  • Joining Habbo Guide - Not joined yet but thinking of it?
  • Newbie Guide - Welcome to Habbo Hotel!
  • Parents' Guide - Always make sure your parents know what you are doing online.
  • Pets Guide - *bark* *meow*
  • Rare Guide - Those items of furniture that we all want.'
  • Rare Trading Guide - How much should I trade it for?
  • Rollers - Keep on rolling, rolling, rolling.
  • Version 7 - What updates did version 7 bring to Habbo Hotel?
  • Version 8 - All there is to know about version 8 of Habbo Hotel!