Habbo 2015 Fansite Faceoff

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Habbo 2015 Fansite Faceoff!

The Habbo 2015 Fansite Faceoff was an annual event held by Habbo in which all fan sites at the time would take part in. The event included the fansites battling to win rounds of live events. The qualifying round consisted of 4 events (5 in the case of a rematch), the semi-finals which consisted of 2 events, and the final, then consisting of one event. The 2015 Fansite Faceoff officially began 10th November with the announcing article on the main Habbo website. This stated that from then on through December, every Wednesday 2 fansites would go head-to-head in a ground breaking live event. Each fansite would be seperated by colours (red & blue) allowing the public to show their support to the fansite they want to come out on top.

Participating Fansites

Fansite Status
HabboQuests Winner
HabbCrazy Runner-Up
HFFM Semi-Finalist
FlyHabbo Semi-Finalist
HabboTiles Eliminated
ThisHabbo Eliminated
Habbox Eliminated
Habbohire Eliminated

As seen from the table above, FlyHabbo, HFFM, HabbCrazy and HabboQuests made it to the Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, FlyHabbo and HFFM both lost their rounds and were eliminated from the competition. The Final came around to HabbCrazy and HabboQuests battling it out to become reigning champion - HabboQuests won, HabbCrazy were defeated.

Fansite Faceoff Schedule

Habbo released a schedule, naming when each event would take place, and the qualifying teams.

Round One: Qualifying round

  • Live Event 1: Habboshire Vs. HFFM - Winner: HFFM
  • Live Event 2: Habboquests Vs. Habbox - Winner: HabboQuests
  • Live Event 3: ThisHabbo Vs. HabbCrazy - Winner: HabbCrazy
  • Live Event 4: HabboTiles Vs. FlyHabbo - Winner: DRAW
  • Live Event 5: HabboTiles Vs. FlyHabbo - Winner: FlyHabbo (Rematch)

Round Two: Semi-Finals

  • Live Event 1: HFFM Vs. HabboQuests - Winner: HabboQuests
  • Live Event 2: HabbCrazy Vs. FlyHabbo - Winner: HabbCrazy

Round Three: Final

  • Final Live Event: HabboQuests Vs. HabbCrazy - Winner: HabboQuests