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Opened: 2008
Closed: 2018
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Xemnas

HabboTiles was a Habbo fansite that opened 22nd November 2008. It originated from the AU/NZ Habbo Hotel, Habbo.com.au and survived through the merge when many fansites closed their doors for good.

The original owners of the fansite included Xemnas and PigFish, the latter then changing their name to LightSparkle and through nominations and votes alone they became an official fansite on the 19th February 2009. This was for their home hotel, and they passed the probation process in which all of the fansites had to go through previously.

Not only were they one of the older fansites, they supported and helped campaigns such as the Young Adults Program, also known as YAP, a cause that Habbo itself also supported and did various campaigns and competitions for. In addition to that HabboTiles held 'red carpet' events that were known to many Habbo players and attracted large crowds.

There were a lot of key dates in HabboTiles' history and they include when they were created when they were in the spotlight for Habbo fansites and their birthdays.

Key Dates

  • HabboTiles is created - 22nd November 2008.
  • Purchased their current domain name, HabboTiles.net - 13th December 2008.
  • Made it onto the AU fansite shortlist - 6th February 2009.
  • Made official status with 5 other fansites - 26th February 2009.
  • Passed the fansite probation period - 26th March 2009.
  • Became part of the fansite weekend campaign - 4th and 5th July 2009.
  • Merged with Habbo.com - 2nd June 2010.
  • Joined other fansites on the Global Fansite Mailing List - 25th February 2012.
  • Became the fansite in the spotlight - 29th April 2013 - 5th May 2013.

They have also celebrated their birthdays on the 22nd of November each year.

They have had over 10 versions of their fansite and it keeps updating and expanding.