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Opened: 2010 - 2021
Language: English
Owners: irDez

ThisHabbo was an unofficial fansite for owned by irDez, who originated from It had various staff members who helped to run the fansite, working together across the ThisHabbo Forum and the main site. Their staff team was split by broad timezones - North America, Europe, and Oceania.

The website was originally thought of by Brettles who then left before the official opening (30 April 2010), instead leaving it to irDez and Farmering. Farmering then resigned in August 2010. Following Farmering's departure, irDez temporarily closed the site to reassess how it could be run with reduced leadership. In November 2010 the site was reopened with both of the previous owners being present, however Farmering then left again completely a few weeks later.

Over time the site saw seven different versions, with the final version launching in July 2019. ThisHabbo was at one stage an official Fansite but was removed from the list. There was also at one point an addition to the Bobba filter on Habbo if you said the phrase "ThisHabbo". In August 2020 ThisHabbo merged with the official fansite HFFM but the official status of HFFM was not passed on to ThisHabbo with the merge.

ThisHabbo announced their closure in April 2021.