Habburgers (Fansite)

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Opened: 2004
Closed: 2007
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.co.uk
Owners: beetlejooce

Habburgers was an official fansite for Habbo.co.uk. It opened in late 2004 and remained open for nearly three years until its closure mid-2007 for unknown reasons. The Fansite was named after the on-client restaurant - Habburgers - which was a Public Room on the hotel. Habburgers was owned by beetlejooce and remained under his ownership throughout the three years it was open.


The Fansite had three departments, each with few staff numbers. All staff members had their own Habburgers e-mail that was used by the community if they needed to contact the staff member. The staff's emails and Habbo names could be found on the staff list on their official site, Habburgers.net. The list of departments and their managers can be found below.

Forum Department

The forum department was a small department of four staff members, managed by Kroziun. They worked together in keeping the forum a safe environment for its users

Ask Phillip Team

The Ask Phillip Team consisted of one staff member; Baluga. He answered any question that was sent in. To ask a question, users had to visit the site and fill out a form that asked for their Habbo name, e-mail and the question that they had to ask. Here are some of the responses that users received:

Habbo Name Question Response
.:kim-possible:. "Dear Phillip, can I have a job at Habburgers?" "Sure! I'm always on the look out for new people to mop the floor and wipe the tables down... can you make milkshakes?"
aaronrules01 "Dear Phillip, how do you make HTML pages?" "HTML? Is that some sort of new burger I haven't been told about?"
MUFCSupporter "Can you get red ice cream makers and red/gold fans on Habbo Hotel UK?" "I am planning on installing an Ice Cream maker in my chain of restaurants very soon. As for the fans, are you saying there's something wrong with my air conditioning?"
BugJooce "Do you like pickles with your burgers?" "Pickles are an essential ingredient in all my Habburgers"
erika "Phillip is the same name my stepfather has. I was just wondering, are you as terrible as him?!" "No, but I'm willing to bet I make better burgers!"
Hillaryduff09 "Is the Christmas Duck a seasonal rare and if so how much is it worth?" "I don't make duck burgers at Christmas, I make Turkey Burgers!"

News Department

The News Department had two staff members; Rttennis (Head Reporter) and Amster (Assistant Head Reporter). Together, they wrote news and updates covering not only Habbo.co.uk, but all of the hotels. Each hotel had their own page on the site containing news dedicated to that hotel only. They also had a page dedicated to news regarding Sulake and their own site.