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Opened: 2005
Closed: 2017
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Skier

HabbCrazy was founded in late 2005 by Skier and Entertain. Originally, HabbCrazy was developed for a Habbo Hotel US Help Center; Habbos Helping Habbos [HHH], as the official Help Centres' Website, which was owned by Skier.

HabbCrazy was visited several times during its time from Habbo Staff such as 0rca and Grecian9 - for these events they allowed forum users to submit questions and releasing donators and badges.

The fansite closed in 2017 after the owners did not renew the domain name, at which point the domain was bought by someone outside the HabbCrazy ownership team.

HabbCrazy Departments


The Radio Department provided music live entertainment and competitions to listeners.


The events department were tasked with planning and hosting all kind of events on Habbo and on the HabbCrazy forums. They hosted common games like Falling Furni, Telephrase and Cozzie Change. There was also a sub-department called Campaign Planners who hosted large monthly events.


The News Department was there to keep players up to date with the latest happenings on and off Habbo. They wrote about anything from Habbo to their opinions on things.


The Graphics artists created graphics for events, campaigns and even site designs.

BTH Moderation

The Behind the Habbo Moderators moderated and hosted competitions on the HabbCrazy Shoutbox.

Forum Moderation

Forum Moderators were in charge of keeping the forum safe, clean and friendly to use for everyone. They too hosted competitions and these bring prizes such as VIP, Reputation points and more.



The site was founded in 2005 with Entertain who offered to build Habbos Helping Habbos its very own website with forums included. Skier accepted originally, and the partnership worked well in initial stages. Eventually, HHH was closed, but the website continued on. A new radio was installed, a new forum and a whole new community were built. Eventually, the domain www.HabbCrazy.net was finally purchased and the site was transformed. HabbCrazy was named an Official Fansite, despite being idle for several months shortly after official launch.


In April of 2007, the site was re-opened. With the help of Mazalta, A brand new radio with a higher amount of listener space was launched, along with a new vBulletin Forum, user system, goodies, and more. The site had a boom and regularly teamed up up with other Habbo organisations, created weekly radio shows, exclusive content and news, to build and improve the HabbCrazy community.

On 13 May, 2007, Habbo Hotel USA revamped their fansite program, making fansites key in the community once again, which helped to boost HabbCrazy.

The team also added a new UK owner in 2007, .:Jack120:., to help build the UK community. Moh was added as the site's official coder.


In February 2011, HabbCrazy then got another US Owner, SkullArmy to help support the US fanbase.


In September 2013, users first reported seeing a closure message on the HabbCrazy website. The site was shortly shut down, although the forum and site were kept live.

“We would like to thank you all for your dedication and support during the reign of HabbCrazy and all the work and time you all have put into the site. We, the HabbCrazy Owners, have decided to close the site at this time due to lack of funding and current support from the Habbo Community. We as the Owners of HabbCrazy no longer have the time necessary to put forth into the site and as you all know the site has been on a downfall for quite some time. We thank you all for sticking with us through the good and bad times at HabbCrazy and wish you all the best in your future endeavors with other fansites and your lives. This decision has been hard for us to make, however, we feel that it is time for us to close our doors and let some of the new fansites have reign over the hotel. We hope to keep in touch with as many of you as we can and wish you all the best. HabbCrazy will officially shut its doors at the end of this week.”
— HabbCrazy website, 2013


The site was not fully shut down however and in March 2014 HabbCrazy adopted another UK owner, BelieveMeSafety, who launched Version 9.


During the Coronavirus pandemic, the HabbCrazy Twitter account and domain was reactivated and reacted with a cryptic emoji [1]to a fansite applications announcement from Habbo. They did not subsequently return to activity either as an official or unofficial fansite.