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HabboZone was originally an official Australian and New Zealand fansite for Habbo.com.au. It opened in 2006 and ultimately closed around 2012. It was run by the Habbos SkillMaster and Mimz. Although they were known as the owners of the fansite, Shadowkidz5 also took reigns as the co-owner for a period of time, he was also the Head of the News Department at the time.

Pre-merge the site focused on bringing news and rare values to Habbo players.

The fansite continued after the merged, keeping on with the rare values they had established on the Australian Hotel previously. For a period of time, they took on the help of another player - Ubersocks who ran the fansite alongside SkillMaster and Mimz. Ubersocks was originally the Head of Alterations.

After the merge, the fansite died down and eventually it closed and hasn't returned since.