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Opened: 2006
Closed: 2013
Language: English
Owners: Skaterchu

ClubHabbo is an ex-Official Fansite which was active on from 2006 until February 2013 when the site closed, therefore being one of Habbo's longest running fansites. The site was mainly run by SkaterChu who later decided there was no other option but to close the Fansite after many years in operation; this began with the removal of the radio just like other Fansite's had done previously. The news that ClubHabbo would be closing came in February 2013 when the site's owner, SkaterChu changed the homepage of the main site to a thank you and a goodbye message from ClubHabbo.

However in 2017 ClubHabbo had been relaunched by a completely different owners supposedly with the backing from SkaterChu and later closed due to the negative response it received from the community.