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Opened: 2012 - present
Language: English
Hotel: Globally
Owners: .:RC-Boy:..


Twitter: HabboHelpers

HabboHelpers is a Habbo fansite created in 2012 by Gerben, who also created Habbies.nl and Habbowidgets, and is now owned by the Habbo .:RC-Boy:... The fansite serves globally and is mainly focussed on helping new and old users on their path into Habbo Hotel. They also trying to present the official Habbo programme Habbo Helpers so that everyone can become a Habbo Helper.

Where most fansites focus mainly on news articles and new (furni) releases, HabboHelpers focus on safety and security. HabboHelpers gives tips and tricks to prevent users from becoming a victim of any cyber related issue, such as hijacking and bullying. But also safety and security issues.


The uniqueness about HabboHelpers is that Habbos could create their own HabboHelpers helpdesk room.as stated on their own website: interested to feature YOUR active Habbo Helpdesk? Make sure to contact us RIGHT NOW! and follow the steps. However this submission has been closed since they are trying to make globally helpdesks by themselves via HabboHelpers and their other website HabboHelpdesk.

The steps users had to do is:

  • Setup a wired message to advertise their own website/social media account
  • Submit a request
  • Provide them from a roomlink / room name.

There are local helpdesks on the Habbo.com , Habbo.es and Habbo.it hotels. The one that's on Habbo.com is owned by Bikerbabe3 and its called: (HHD) Habbo Help Desk.