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Joined habbo: 25/09/2004
HxF username: Joshuar
Also known as: Josh
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Content Design Manager
Assistant General Manager (Intl.)
Articles Manager
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Ex- Assistant General Manager
Hall Of Fame
Reason(s): Major role in Habbox International

joshuar, also known as -Joshuar and crashb555, is an entrant of the Habbox [Hall Of Fame]] and is an ex- Assistant General Manager (International) and the only AGM (International) ever.

Joshuar became Habbox Staff in March 2005 and over several months held several minor roles such as Help Desk Staff, Forum Moderator, Rare Values Expert and Articles writer, becoming Assistant Articles Manager in the summer and full Articles Manager by the next spring. Joshuar has also served as Site Tech for the fansite HHGS.

Joshuar led Habbox on the international side for 18 months as Assistant General Manager (International) at the end of 2006, this involved managing Habbox's non-UK focussed efforts. During 2007 Habbox World was launched and he was heavily involved in its running from start to its end in April 2008. Following the closure of Habbox World Joshuar continued in his role as AGM but stepped down to Forum Administrator for a couple of months and resigned altogether in October 2008. Due to his efforts, he went on to become a member of Habbox Hall Of Fame.

Aside from the roles above, Joshuar was also unofficially a Habbox Forum Skin creator and created many of Habbox Forum's vBulletin V3 skins such as the Dark and Christmas Skins.

Roles at Habbox

Role Start Date End Date
Forum Administrator 15-Jul-2008 15-Oct-2008
Content Design Manager 09-Nov-2007 08-Feb-2008
VIP editor 21-Aug-2007 17-Oct-2007
Assistant General Manager (International) 30-Dec-2006 15-Jul-2008
Forum Moderator 26-Aug-2006 06-Sep-2006
Habbo Friends Moderator 16-Jun-2006 03-Jul-2006
Articles Manager 31-May-2006 20-Oct-2006
Forum Moderator 21-Dec-2005 11-Jul-2006
Assistant Articles Manager 25-Aug-2005 25-Aug-2005
Head Room Reviewer 08-Aug-2005 25-Aug-2005
Super Forum Moderator 11-Aug-2005 19-Dec-2005
Room Reviewer (Articles Department) 22-Jul-2005 08-Aug-2005
Help Desk Staff 09-May-2005 31-Jan-2006
Forum Moderator 09-Apr-2005 11-Aug-2005
Room Reviewer (Articles Department) 31-Mar-2005 19-Jul-2005
Rare Value Reporter 26-Mar-2005 17-Aug-2005