Green Parasol

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Green Parasol
Motto: Sun! Sun! Sun!
Release date: 2003
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Green Parasol is another Classical Rare that was released on Habbo, the rare is in a set with other Parasols such as the Orange Parasol, Violet Parasol and Yellow Parasol.

Unlike the other Parasols two different Green Parasols exist ad allegedly this was due to a release of a White Parasol on the [[|Singapore hotel]. The two Parasols differ in name with the normal green one being called Green Parasol whereas the Super Rare one is just called Parasol and is worth a significant amount more.


The Green Parasol has been on our hotels since mid-2003 and is still classed as a Classical Rare today. It isn’t worth much on the hotel, but they are still a wanted and needed item in rooms such as beaches.

The first sighting of the rare was on the United Kingdom hotel in June 2003 via the Catalogue whereas the final release was in May 2010 in the Swedish hotel; again this was via the Catalogue.

Not all hotels received the Parasol, and it was only given out on two occasions thus the Catalogue was one of the only ways to receive the item. Below is the rundown of when and where the Green Parasol was released:


Spromo sum18 r parasolgrn.png

Every user who purchased the Green Parasol after 2010 as Classical Rare also received a badge.


On the Spanish hotel, a similar super rare Parasol was given as a recognition prize to Hobbas some years ago. Initially white - though misnamed as pink - they were later changed to green. The name also changed from pink, to 'Parasol Verde' (Green), then again later to its current title, 'La Sombrilla Verde'. The original eleven still appear in their respective rooms, and can be found below:[1]

'Under the Shade When the Sun Shines'
Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Cumpliendo sueños (Password: pol)
ll,ll (Password: 12344)
Mega Rare Trade (Password: p2)
Mini Rare Trade
unicos candelabros :o
Rare Trade - Parasol Verde
Rare Trade

The Calippo branded parasol is also available on that hotel, whereas on .COM, this only appears in game-data, where six types are shown. (standard parasol types, super Parasol, Tiki Parasol & Calippo).[2]


  • On January 22nd 2005, the Green Parasol was released along with a number of other super rares, normal rares and seasonals in a catalogue page called Palsternakka for around five minutes.