Grey Fountain

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Grey Fountain
Release date: July 2003
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Grey Fountain accompanies the other three in its set on Habbo, these include the Granite Fountain, Blue Kimberlite Fountain and the Jade Birdbath. This rare wasn't released accidently and did in fact first released in the United Kingdom hotel in July 2003. This rare was mainly released via the Catalogue but was also used in competition prizes and staff rooms.

The most recent release was in 2009 when the Norway hotel released the rare in a mega deal.

Like other rares in the set the Grey Fountain wasn't released in the Australia or Singapore hotel thus wasn't available there before the merge.

Below shows other hotels it was released in, when and for what reason:

  • United Kingdom, July 2003.
  • Switzerland, July 2004.
  • Finland, October 2004.
  • Sweden, February 2005.

In other hotels such as Spain and Norway, it was released as a promotion with credits. On the other hand, it was used in rooms for the Italian, French and Canadian hotels.


  • On January 22nd 2005, the Grey Fountain was released along with a number of other super rares, normal rares and seasonals in a catalogue page called Palsternakka for around five minutes.