Silver Trophy

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Silver Trophy
Release date: 2003
Rare Values
Category: Classic Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Silver Trophy (also known as the 'Silver Cup Trophy' or 'Small Silver Trophy') is a specific colour of Trophy with the other two colours being Gold and Bronze. They are generally more expensive than the Gold Trophy because there has been less of them given out in comparison. This goes against the usual link between the value of silver in contrast to gold in real life.

The Silver Trophy is one of the oldest Rares in existence on Habbo and can be traced back to 2003 when it was awarded as prize for those who remained at second place on the Wobble Squabble leaderboard in It was also once released in the catalogue by accident and for just 1 credit, but was removed 6 minutes later.

More recently, due to a human error by a fansite owner on (International) the Silver Trophy was accidentally rewarded automatically to anyone who entered a password protected protected room owned by irdez. This occurred because the password was given out on a large scale, and this greatly affected the value of the Silver Trophy as it lost 80% of its value. However, a rollback occurred later to fix this issue and only the genuine quest winners were able to keep their Silver Trophy. Anyone who had theirs removed after purchasing it, e.g. through the Marketplace, received a refund.

The Silver Trophy also featured in the Honor Points system on,, (USA), (International) (although none were ever awarded on this hotel) and potentially many more hotels. Users were required to gain a certain amount of points in order to receive the Silver Trophy - One was given via this system on Habbo UK, but figures for other hotels are unknown.

Sightings & Releases

The only recorded releases of the Silver Trophy so far are:

  • - Awarded for various competitions (details unknown but they were not Super Rares).
  • - Awarded to second place on the Wobble Squabble leaderboard each month and awarded to two people via the Honor Points system.
  • (International) - Accidentally given out to multiple users who bypassed a room password in the ThisHabbo Hogwarts event.
  • - Awarded via the Honor Points system.
  • (USA) - Potentially awarded via the Honor Points system (doubtful whether anyone obtained one however).

However, it is very likely many more releases have occurred for staff-hosted competitions/events.