Gold Trophy

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Gold Trophy
Gold Trophy 2.png
Release date 2003
Category Classical Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Gold Trophy (also known as the 'Gold Cup Trophy' or 'Gold Small Trophy') is a specific colour of Trophy with the other two colours being silver and bronze. Due to being the priciest of the three precious metals in real life they cost the most to purchase and are the least frequently awarded trophies of the super-rare trophies. They are also much less common than the Silver Trophy which would further explain its high value.

The Gold Trophy is one of the oldest Rares in existence on Habbo and can be traced back to 2003 when it was awarded as prize for those who remained at the top of the Wobble Squabble leaderboard in Also, due to a glitch on (USA) the Gold Trophy was accidentally made available under the 'Trophies' section of the Catalogue for 5 minutes on the 29th September 2005.

Also, the Gold Trophy featured in the Honor Points system on,, (USA), (International) (although none were ever awarded on most hotels) and potentially many more hotels. Users were required to gain a certain amount of points in order to receive the Gold Trophy - There were no recorded releases of this trophy via the Honor Points system, but there is a possibility a user may have acquired one on Habbo Singapore.

Sightings & Releases

The only recorded releases of the Gold Trophy so far are:

  • - Awarded for various competitions (details unknown but they were not Super Rares).
  • - Awarded to first place on the Wobble Squabble leaderboard each month and sighted as a potential prize in the Honor Points system.
  • (USA) - Accidentally released during a catalogue glitch in September 2005 and sighted as a potential prize in the Honor Points system.
  • (International) - Sighted as a potential prize in the Honor Points system.
  • - Potentially awarded via the Honor Points system (doubtful whether anyone obtained one however).

However, it is very likely many more releases have occurred for staff-hosted competitions/events.

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