Royal Egyptian Lamp

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Royal Egyptian Lamp
Motto: A gift from the Pharaohs...
Release date: November 26th, 2010
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Royal Egyptian Lamp (also known as the Blue Amber Lamp) is a Classical Rare. It was first seen in the UK and Finnish Hotels in September 2003.

Even though it was released in the Catalogue in early Habbo days, it was still classed as a Super until the merge occurred. It is one of three Amber Lamps on the hotel. The others include the Yellow Amber Lamp and Red Amber Lamp. As it isn't the most expensive Amber Lamp, it is still purchased as much by Habbo's as they prefer to have the full set in their casino/room.

Release Dates

  • Australia - August 2006
  • Brazil - Spotted in "Festa Junina" owned by reeet
  • Finland - September 2003
  • France - September 2005
  • Netherlands - October 2004
  • Norway - Competition prize for 'Megadeal' competition, September 2009
  • Singapore - October 2006
  • Spain - November 2006
  • Sweden - Spotted in Raaaaariteter owned by Motorez
  • Switzerland - November 2003
  • UK - September 2003
  • USA - July 2005


  • On January 22nd 2005, the Royal Egyptian Lamp was released along with a number of other super rares, normal rares and seasonals in a catalogue page called Palsternakka for around five minutes.