Shamrock Shake Machine

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Shamrock Shake Machine
Motto: Minty green goodness in a cone
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Ice Cream Machines
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Shamrock Shake Machine (also known as the "Green Ice Cream Machine"/ICM) is a Rare that was uploaded amongst various other V7 Rares. It is one of the most common Ice Cream Machines globally and has only been released via the catalogue, never via promotions/competitions., and Habbo USA were the only English-speaking hotels to witness the release of this Rare prior to the merge. On, it was placed into the catalogue on a staff member's birthday in January 2008 and it was only in there for 15 minutes. It was originally named the "Pistachio Ice Cream Machine" on, but the merge caused the American furniture names to dominate, thus leading to it being renamed "Shamrock Shake Machine".

Sightings & Releases

The Shamrock Shake Machine has been spotted on 12 hotels in total, but only released on 8. Here is a complete list of all sightings/releases:

  • Habbo Australia - Sold in the catalogue in March 2007.
  • Habbo Denmark - Spotted in "Walkin on sunshine!" owned by Lynn.
  • Habbo Finland - Sold in the catalogue in December 2005.
  • Habbo France - Sold in the catalogue.
  • Habbo Germany - Sold in the catalogue in December 2005.
  • Habbo Italy - First Spotted in a room with the name "gelati" owned by the user joby. Later released in January 2020 as Classical Rare
  • Habbo Netherlands - First sold in the catalogue in April 2007 and then in Summer when the temperature was 25'c or higher.
  • Habbo Singapore - Spotted in "Gemilan Raya" owned by DoeLee.
  • Habbo Sweden - Spotted in "[K.D] hjalpcentral [K.D]" owned by king.dill.
  • Habbo Switserland - Sold in the catalogue in December 2005.
  • Habbo United Kingdom - Released into the catalogue during January 2008 for 15 minutes (due to it being a staff member's birthday).
  • Habbo United States - Sold in the catalogue.
  • Habbo Turkey - Released as Classical Rare in January 2020


Every user who purchased the Shamrock Shake Machine as Classical Rare from the catalogue after 2010 also received a badge.


The Shamrock Shake Machine is the only Ice Cream Machine that isn't known as "____ ____ Maker" and 1 of 2 Ice Cream Machines that aren't named after colours (with the other being the Choco Ice Cream Maker. It also contains a different motto to the other ICMs which all have either "Virtual vanilla rocks!" or "Virtual chocolate rocks!". However, it was originally called the "Pistachio Ice Cream Machine" so the reference to mint in the motto is slightly confusing - Aqua Ice Cream Maker originally had a mint flavour instead.