Violet Laser Portal

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Violet Laser Portal
Motto: Energy beams. No trespassers!
Release date: July 2009 (
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Violet Laser Portal is a Rare that was uploaded amongst various other V7 Rares. It has been released onto 4 hotels in total, and is one of the slightly less common Laser Gates on due to it only being released via rewards and not via the catalogue. On Habbo USA, it was originally a Super Rare due to only 3 being handed out in a "Get Active" competition - however the Laser Gate was referred to as the "Purple Laser Portal" in the article but an image of the Violet Laser Portal was displayed and handed out. On, it was handed out to users who purchased the 150 credit bundle with UKash during July 2009. This item is not to be confused with the Purple Laser Portal which is a slightly lighter colour.


The Violet Laser Portal has been spotted on 4 hotels and released on all of them. Here is a complete list of releases:

  • - Sold in the catalogue.
  • - Handed out as a reward.
  • - Handed out to users who purchased the 150 credit bundle in July 2009 with UKash.
  • Habbo USA - 3 were handed out to winners of the "Get Active" (build a gym) competition - .::1::., LibertY.CitY and xLDx - on October 14th 2009.
  • - Sold in the catalogue in February 2016.