Leap Day Pillar

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Leap Day Pillar
Motto: Ancient and stately
Release date: May 2006 (Habbo.it)
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Leap Day Pillar (also known as the Doric Brown Pillar) is a rare that was uploaded amongst various other V7 Rares. It is known as the "Leap Day Pillar" on Habbo.com due to it originally being sold on 29th February 2008 on Habbo.com. This name became the dominant name on Habbo.com after the English-speaking hotel merge occurred, thus meaning that this is the only Pillar which doesn't have the prefix "Doric" in its title. Only Habbo.com provided these Pillars for Habbo.com and due to them being released via the Catalogue they quickly became a common rare and are one of the least valuable Pillars available.


The Leap Day Pillar has been spotted on 8 hotels in total, but only released on 5. Here is a complete list of all sightings/releases:

  • Habbo.fi - Spotted in campaign rooms during the "Boar of the Baskerville" promotion.
  • Habbo.fr - Sold in the catalogue in September 2006.
  • Habbo.de - Sold in the catalogue in April 2008.
  • Habbo.it - Sold in the catalogue in May 2006.
  • Habbo.se - Spotted in "Raaaaariteter" owned by Motorez.
  • Habbo.ch - Sold in the catalogue in March 2007.
  • Habbo.co.uk - Spotted in "Habbo Chess" owned by UkchaserAl.
  • Habbo USA - Sold in the catalogue on the 29th February (Leap Year's Day) 2008.