Silver Pillow

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Silver Pillow
Release date 13 January 2013
Limited Edition Rare
Number available: 175
Number sold: 175
Original price 450 Credits
Rare Values
Category Limited Edition Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Silver Pillow was a Limited Edition Rare released in January 2013. There were 175 units available for 450 Credits each which all sold out within 4 seconds.

The Pillow followed the Pink Dragon Lamp released the day before, but was cheaper and less rare. However like dragon which was also a recolour of an older rare it proved very popular with users gaining a profit from it right away. At the time it was the second most expensive Limited Edition Rare behind the Pink Dragon Lamp, yet sold out as one of the quickest; it also had considerably less available than others in the range.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 B 6-Oct-2020 NFS
2 mr.Wilson4Ever 04-Nov-2018 Inactive
3 Post 17-Jan-2021 Active
4 Pinyota 11-Jul-2019 Active
5 Pinyota 03-Oct-2018 Active
8 Post 17-Jan-2021 Active
9 Post 17-Jan-2021 Active
10 Moonn6-Safety 04-Nov-2018 Inactive
14 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
16 MissAlison. 04-Sept-2017 Inactive
17 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
20 Moonn6-Safety 04-Nov-2018 Inactive
21 tRadEx 01-May-2021 Active
22 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
25 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
26 TRENT.KTHE2ND 08-Dec-2018 Active
27 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
28 tRadEx 01-May-2021 Active
29 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
32 E-L-L-A 06-Oct-2018 Active
33 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
35 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
36 B 18-Aug-2020 NFS
38 cozza_1703 09-Sept-2019 Inactive
39 choi 30-May-2019 Inactive
44 Swaggalicious 27-Apr-2021 NFS
45 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
47 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
49 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
52 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
54 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
58 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
59 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
60 Pawzi 10-Mar-2021 Active
61 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
62 XxCerysCecexX 04-Feb-2019 Inactive
64 ThcIsBack 16-May-2019 Active
65 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
66 ...:::!AnGeL!:::... 26-Mar-2021 Active
67 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
69 Post 17-Jan-2021 NFS
70 Skor 15-May-2017 Inactive
71 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
72 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
73 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
74 amro45 09-Sept-2020 Active
75 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
78 tRadEx 5-May-2021 Active
82 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
83 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
84 tRadEx 01-May-2021 Active
85 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
86 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
88 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
89 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
91 ErTom 28-Jul-2020 Active
93 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
98 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
100 B 5-Jan-2021 NFS
101 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
102 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
103 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
104 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
105 Trebble 18-Dec-2018 Active
107 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
110 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
111 Post 17-Jan-2021 Active
112 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
113 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
114 B 16-Jun-2020 NFS
115 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
117 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
119 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
120 vincent85 8-Jun-2019 Active
122 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
124 Window 17-Apr-2021 Active
125 Moonn6-Safety 04-Nov-2018 Inactive
126 ashjames 21-Mar-2019 NFS
127 B 24-Jun-2020 NFS
130 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
131 Zint! 22-Feb-2021 Active
134 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
137 B 2-Oct-2020 NFS
138 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
139 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
140 B 8-Oct-2020 NFS
141 websit 1-Feb-2019 NFS
142 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
144 Cind3r 29-Jun-2018 NFS
145 Blekan 10-Oct-2019 Active
146 Vitus 21-Jun-2020 Banned
148 B 19-Nov-2020 NFS
149 fatroll 24-Nov-2020 Active
152 ControlMe 6-Jan-2021 Active
153 chidiva 15-May-2017 NFS
157 B 23-Jan-2019 NFS
160 B 9-Sept-2020 NFS
165 Swaggaliciouis 17-Feb-2021 Active
166 :Digi 21-Mar-2019 Active
167 Sienna-Star 13-Oct-2020 Active
169 vincent85 8-Jun-2019 Active
171 B 30-Jul-2020 NFS
172 B 9-Sept-2020 NFS
173 B 2-Oct-2020 NFS
Total 104/175