Treehouse Hideaway

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Treehouse Hideaway
Release date: 27 September 2022
Campaign: Back to School Again
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 360
Quantity sold: 212
Release price: 750 Credits and 75 Diamonds
Owners tracked: 27/212 (13%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Previous Release:
Fire-Breathing Dragon
Next Release:
Throne of the Fallen

The Treehouse Hideaway was a Limited Edition Rare that was in September 2022 during the Back to School Again campaign.

It was released on 27 September and, unlike most LTDs, only sold approximately 59% of the total number on the .COM hotel. Users commented that it did not feel like its topic or design was on par with other LTD Rares.

It is not believed that the #1 LTD was sold in this drop, with the lowest number being spotted thus far #2.


Each user who purchases the item received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 142 users have this badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
4 Cutedani 26-Dec-2022 Active
16 squidfist 07-Dec-2022 Active
25 -Georgeeee. 06-Oct-2022 Active
41 Swaggalicious 3-Jan-2023 Active
67 Kazimira 04-Oct-2023 Active
81 youkno 06-Oct-2022 Active
92 cloudywithrain 06-Oct-2022 Active
94 squidfist 07-Dec-2022 Active
95 Konner, 26-Jan-2023 Active
99 .Nat 20-Dec-2022 Active
110 squidfist 07-Dec-2022 Active
111 Huiii 06-May-2024 Active
122 PassionFruits 3-Jan-2022 Active
137 anggi3695 06-Oct-2022 Active
202 Val_xx 20-Dec-2022 Active
208 SimonSilversked 08-Oct-2023 Active
228 .MT. 10-Jan-2023 Active
257 MadameJaquack 25-Oct-2022 Active
266 Saine 06-Oct-2022 Active
285 ChoobbiTheCat 13-Oct-2023 Active
293 Gingermaxxx 24-Jan-2023 Active
312 MadameJaquack 25-Oct-2022 Active
331 chidiva 04-Dec-2022 Active
333 squidfist 07-Dec-2022 Active
341 MadameJaquack 25-Oct-2022 Active
355 Si! 13-Feb-2023 For Sale
Total 27/212 (13%)