Victor Vangoof easel

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Victor Vangoof easel
Motto: Self portrait (minus an ear)
Release date: 22 February 2013
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 120
Quantity sold: 120
Release price: 500 Credits
Owners tracked: 72/120 (60%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Bronze Pillow
Next Release:
Lennard David Cheep easel

The Victor Vangoof easel was the first of the Limited Edition Rare easels to be released on Habbo. They were released in February 2013 at a price tag of 500 Credits, but there were only 120 available. This makes the easel the second most expensive of the five released at the time and also gives it a well above average rarity, with other easels having 80 or 240 released.

The motto of the Victor Vangoof easel is "Self portrait (minus an ear)" to represent the famous Vincent Van Gogh, although Habbo were unable to use official names. Other easels released in this series include the Lennard David Cheep easel and the Yohand Comeere easel.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 :ashez: 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
2 SUPER-LOAY 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
4 Window 30-Nov-2020 Active
5 SUPER-LOAY 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
6 B 18-Oct-2020 Active
8 funkyjen 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
11 B 15-Jun-2022 Active
13 SUPER-LOAY 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
14 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
15 ,Drake 04-Oct-2023 Active
18 B 18-Oct-2020 Active
19 MoneyTrojan 02-Apr-2024 Active
20 iSmexi 18-Oct-2020 Active
22 vincent85 18-Jun-2020 For Sale
25 Shonly 27-Sep-2020 Active
26 SUPER-LOAY 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
27 teeeEye 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
29 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
30 IBuyRares! 30-Jul-2020 Active
31 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
33 B 28-Feb-2023 Active
34 Unposted 08-Aug-2021 Active
35 chidiva 25-June-2021 Active
39 Unposted 08-Aug-2021 Active
41 JackisGood 03-Oct-2021 Active
42 Zint! 21-May-2021 Active
43 Jeff 08-Aug-2021 Inactive
45 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
47 B 15-Jun-2022 Active
48 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
49 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
50 SUPER-LOAY 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
51 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
52 B 18-Oct-2020 Active
55 amro45 21-Apr-2021 Active
56 Promiscuous? 18-Oct-2020 Active
59 kiar 27-Jul-2023 Active
61 B 09-Oct-2020 Active
62 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
63 B 18-Oct-2020 Active
65 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
67 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
69 B 27-Oct-2020 Active
70 B 23-Aug-2020 Active
72 420Participant 15-Feb-2023 Banned
73 B 09-Oct-2020 Active
74 Unshackled 18-Oct-2020 Active
76 B 15-Jun-2022 Active
77 Nish 08-Aug-2021 Active
80 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
81 [1] 21-Apr-2021 [1]
82 ,holmes- 30-Jul-2020 Active
84 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
86 Wsup 15-Jul-2021 Active
90 B 18-Oct-2020 Active
91 lolli101 30-Jul-2020 Active
93 Tom.J 30-Dec-2020 Active
96 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
98 Nicco 15-Oct-2020 Active
99 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
101 MissAlison. 30-Jul-2020 Active
102 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
103 SUPER-LOAY 18-Oct-2020 Inactive
104 ExtremeSlayer 30-Jul-2020 Active
106 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
108 jumpman11. 18-Sep-2020 Active
109 Qabik 2-Jan-2021 Active
110 B 1-Jan-2021 Active
111 IBuyRares! 30-Jul-2020 Active
112 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
113 Pika-Pikachu 30-Jul-2020 Active
117 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
Total 72/120
  1. a b One owner has requested to stay anonymous (see here for more information)

Real Life

The painting on the easel is based on a real life painting called: Self-portrait with bandaged-ear by Vincent Van Gogh. Painted in the year 1888.