Goddess of Harvest

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Goddess of Harvest
Release date 27 April 2017
Campaign Farm
Limited Edition Rare
Number available: 180
Number sold: 180
Original price 500 Credits
Rare Values
Category Limited Edition Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Goddess of Harvest was released in April 2017 as a Limited Edition Rare for the Easter Farm campaign. There were 180 units available for 500 Credits each, all of which sold within 3 days of it entering the Catalogue.

The item had mixed reviews due to the price, and the overall look. Players believed that it would have been better as a rare as opposed to a Limited Edition Rare. The Goddess of Harvest linked in with the Farm furniture range released over the Easter period on Habbo.



Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 115 different users have the badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 itsspacey 01-Apr-2021 Active
2 CorporalRE 01-Jul-2020 Active
3 .:Torre:. 16-Mar-2019 Active
4 mrdilfy 13-May-2017 Active
6 madash15 17-Sep-2018 Active
10 Yeezy 13-May-2017 Active
14 PrincessLatte_ 01-Apr-2021 Active
16 BenjoPunches 13-June-2020 Active
20 HaleKane 11-Jan-2021 NFS
21 Princessemzy! 13-May-2017 Active
22 Shonly 07-Mar-2018 Active
27 d-two 27-Jun-2020 Active
28 Colusa 13-Mar-2020 Active
32 Colusa 13-Mar-2020 Active
33 Captain-Alpha 12-Sep-2019 Active
37 ImSmokin 19-Apr-2021 Active
38 Eopan 16-Mar-2019 Active
39 Typical 25-Nov-2018 Active
40 mrdilfy 13-May-2017 Active
41 DilutedFlames 13-May-2017 Active
45 chidiva 22-Jan-2018 Active
47 ReFromatting 22-Sep-2017 Active
49 Shivanity 11-Jan-2021 Active
50 Stadiums 06-Apr-2021 Active
51 LUCPIX 09-Dec-2017 Active
52 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
59 NeverTry 16-Mar-2019 Active
60 Yeezy 13-May-2017 Active
64 Hx.Ben 14-Apr-2021 Active
65 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
67 mrdilfy 13-May-2017 Active
74 Arron 27-May-2019 Active
75 .Rave 07-Mar-2018 Active
77 -BlueBear 27-Apr-2021 Active
80 d-two 16-Mar-2019 Active
81 WinningIsLosing 11-Aug-2019 Active
85 Sha.MorenikaA. 16-Mar-2019 Active
91 tRadEx 01-Sep-2019 Active
92 Squidgy-Bunny 04-Jan-2019 Active
93 J.J.Roaddogg 29-Apr-2020 Active
94 mrdilfy 13-May-2017 Active
96 Opelhesten 5-Feb-2019 Active
98 Rubber 23-Sep-2020 Active
107 :-xyz-: 13-Mar-2020 Active
108 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
110 GoonKid 23-Feb-2021 Active
111 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
116 Flavaflame 01-Jun-2019 Active
118 fanjustine89 02-Aug-2020 Active
119 mrdilfy 13-May-2017 Active
121 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
122 JUNNNN- 16-May-2020 Active
123 david2400 06-Apr-2021 Active
128 5parkling 22-Sep-2017 Active
129 Martfrost 16-Mar-2019 Active
132 Kron? 24-Dec-2019 Active
136 Xenophyl 26-May-2019 Active
145 MissQuayle95 18-Apr-2021 Active
146 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
149 skaterlmair 19-Sep-2017 Active
151 Shonly 07-Mar-2018 Active
154 Baird, 21-Apr-2021 Active
155 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
156 lolli101 4-Feb-2019 Active
158 y0nyit0 16-Mar-2019 Active
161 Ozad 28-Oct-2018 Active
164 Nostalgia_Game 21-Oct-2018 Active
166 Graspingg 15-May-2020 Active
168 ExtremeSlayer 26-May-2019 Active
169 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
171 Its.Dino 13-May-2017 Active
172 mrdilfy 13-May-2017 Active
173 ___ 16-Mar-2019 Active
174 DefterRanger 16-Mar-2019 Active
179 DefterRanger 16-Mar-2019 Active
Total 75/180