Rainbow Pillow

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Rainbow Pillow
Release date: 27 June 2022
Campaign: K-Town
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 480
Quantity sold: 480
Release price: 500 Credits and 50 Diamonds
Owners tracked: 56/480 (12%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
The Butterfly Dome
Next Release:
Earth's Core Lava Throne

The Rainbow Pillow is a Limited Edition Rare that was released in June 2022 as part of the K-Town campaign, coincidentally during Pride month.

The pillow was the fifth rainbow recolour of a previous rare to be released as a Limited Edition; it follows the Rainbow Parasol, Rainbow Powered Fan, Rainbow Dragon Lamp and the Rainbow Elephant Statue.

Habbo released the initial design of the pillow on Twitter earlier in the year. However, there was some backlash from the community due to the pillow's design and its differentiation from the rainbow colouration of the previously released LTDs. On May 5th, Habbo tweeted a new design for the pillow based on this feedback from the community, which is the design that was ultimately released.

There were a total of 480 units available upon initial release, all of which sold out within a few seconds. The item was sold for the price of 500 Credits and 50 Diamonds upon release into the catalogue.



Each user who purchased the Rainbow Pillow received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 244 Habbo's have this badge.

Owner Tracking

The first design of the pillow
ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 [1] 29-Jun-2022 Active
6 Natty_Nat_Nat 28-Jun-2022 Active
8 Post 23-Dec-2022 Active
9 Jd377 14-Dec-2022 For Sale
11 VexifleD 1-Jul-2022 For Sale
19 ffionella 28-Jun-2022 Active
37 Reece. 28-Jun-2022 Active
64 ThcIsBack 23-Dec-2022 Active
74 VexifleD 1-Jul-2022 For Sale
89 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
99 brenddyong38 27-Jun-2022 Active
111 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
115 AuraAurora 27-Jun-2022 Active
122 squidfist 30-Jan-2023 Active
125 TheGiantFoot 20-Jan-2023 Active
131 anggi3695 06-Oct-2022 Active
134 katrina628 15-Jan-2023 Active
138 Fetch 7-Oct-2022 Active
139 VexifleD 1-Jul-2022 For Sale
157 chidiva 28-Jun-2022 NFS
165 Websit 23-oct-2022 NFS
174 anggi3695 06-Oct-2022 Active
175 Booming 25-Jan-2023 Active
176 electrichills 28-Jun-2022 Active
179 .-LU-. 13-Jan-2023 Active
193 VexifleD 1-Jul-2022 For Sale
202 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
204 Juuliia: 20-Jan-23 Active
206 Juuliia: 20-Jan-23 Active
214 SquirleBoss 19-Jan-2023 Active
219 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
246 FireShowing 21-Dec-2022 For Sale
252 .KIMKARDASHIAN. 27-Jun-2022 Active
255 cloudywithrain 06-Oct-2022 Active
259 Meteoras 23-Jan-2023 Active
263 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
274 katrina628 15-Jan-2023 Active
287 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
300 Angel-Wing 24-Dec-2022 For Sale
303 Juuliia: 20-Jan-23 Active
304 Juuliia: 20-Jan-23 Active
350 Wizard 15-Jan-2023 Active
370 ffionella 28-Jun-2022 Active
373 FlyingJesus 28-Jun-2022 Active
403 Owlcity2.0 18-Jan-2023 Active
410 MChickenJoy 15-Jan-2023 Active
418 Fetch 7-Oct-2022 Active
423 MadameJaquack 10-Jul-2022 Active
429 katrina628 15-Jan-2023 Active
432 Vexifled 1-Jul-2022 For Sale
446 LanceCrowthegod 17-Jan-2023 Active
458 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
461 skaterlmair 27-Jun-2022 Active
467 katrina628 15-Jan-2023 Active
469 IamJ 27-Jun-2022 Active
477 someboyrafa 28-Jun-2022 Active
Total 56/480 (12%)

  1. One owner has requested to stay anonymous (see here for more information)