Angel Wings

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Angel Wings
Release date: 06 December 2022
Campaign: Ski Resort
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 260
Quantity sold: 260
Release price: 1200 Credits and 120 Diamonds
Owners tracked: 171/260 (66%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Throne of the Fallen
Next Release:
Snow Globe Habberge Egg‎‎

The Angel Wings is a Limited Edition Rare that was released as part of the Ski Resort campaign. This was the first [1] clothing LTD item to ever be released. Upon release, 260 units were released into the catalogue and all sold out in less than a second. In April 2023 the second LTD clothing item was released this being the Solarpunk Bunny Outfit

Once a LTD clothing item has been worn, the mannequin is destroyed and the unit number is displayed on the wearer's profile.


Each user who purchases the Angel Wings will also receive an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 205 users have this badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 B 06-Dec-2022 NFS
2 Sheamus 11-Dec-2022 Active
3 LeeSafe 08-Dec-2022 Active
4 Saine 06-Mar-2023 For Sale
5 Klaix 21-Dec-2022 Active
9 MoneyTrojan 24-May-2024 Active
10 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
12 LoyalSafety 3-Jan-2022 Active
13 Ligep 19-Mar-2023 Active
15 Sparkle 15-Dec-2022 Active
16 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
24 Saikopan 08-Dec-2022 Active
26 LC22 18-Dec-2022 Active
30 Saikopan 08-Dec-2022 Active
31 Furfelle 11-Jan-2023 Binded
32 TheReturn2k15 03-Apr-2023 Active
34 Qabik 1-Feb-2023 Binded
39 Saine 03-Apr-2023 Active
42 Shh 08-Jan-2023 Active
44 Saturate 6-Oct-2023 Active
48 Lucifeax 17-Apr-2022 Active
49 FlyingJesus 06-Dec-2022 Active
53 Val_xx 20-Dec-2022 Active
56 Terminators 22-Dec-2022 Active
58 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
59 Pound 16-Jan-2023 Binded
63 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
64 Miracle 15-Jun-2023 Binded
66 Zeppele 11-Dec-2022 Active
68 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
69 bobba 11-Dec-2022 Active
77 Mal 17-Apr-2022 Active
78 BonnaDE 30-Jan-2023 Active
80 Perfy 25-Dec-2022 Active
85 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
86 JamiePops! 05-Feb-2023 Binded
87 Ele: 24-Dec-2022 For Sale
89 Lee, 01-Jul-2023 Active
90 AlmondHaze 13-Feb-2023 Binded
91 .Nat 20-Dec-2022 Active
93 Perfy 30-Dec-2022 Active
95 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
97 Blush 29-Dec-2022 Binded
99 FireShowing 02-Feb-2024 Binded
100 HaydarG 06-Mar-2023 For Sale
101 SupaShad 08-Dec-2022 Binded
104 LC22 18-Dec-2022 Binded
106 Similate 3-Jan-2023 For Sale
112 VincentZ 1-Dec-2023 Binded
114 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
117 Br0kenButterfly 03-Apr-2023 Binded
119 chidiva 08-Dec-2022 Active
119 TaliaVoider 16-Jan-2023 Binded
121 Ali 04-Mar-2023 Binded
122 sternthomas2 22-Dec-2022 Binded
123 Adeus 30-Mar-2024 NFS
124 SpeII 9-Aug-2023 Binded
125 Shh 11-Jan-2023 Binded
127 Trufflex 08-Dec-2022 Binded
128 Riddle 20-Jan-2022 Active
129 AmySkates... 08-Dec-2022 Binded
130 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
131 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
135 LoyalSafety 3-Jan-2022 Active
137 EP2 02-Jan-2023 Active
138 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
139 Iumi 11-Dec-2022 Binded
140 Shiver 22-Oct-2023 Binded
145 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Banned
146 AdamFlame 19-Dec-2022 Active
147 Lucifeax 03-Apr-2023 Active
151 EP2 02-Jan-2023 Binded
153 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
154 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
155 Lelm. 12-Apr-2023 Active
157 NCYX 08-Oct-2023 Active
162 -Ming- 10-Jan-2023 Active
163 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 Active
166 Controllable. 23-Feb-2023 Active
168 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
170 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
171 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
175 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 Active
176 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
177 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
179 ,Shan 22-Oct-2023 Binded
181 Perfy 03-Apr-2023 Active
183 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
184 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
185 MoneyTrojan 09-Aug-2023 Binded
186 Perfy 25-Dec-2022 Active
187 Boulder 03-Apr-2023 Binded
191 Laurennn 23-Nov-2023 Binded
192 caniduh 06-Mar-2023 Active
199 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
201 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 Active
202 Julienne 22-Oct-2023 Binded
207 ambiquitous 11-Nov-2023 Binded
208 ,Poison 22-Oct-2023 Binded
209 kittenz 11-Dec-2022 Binded
214 AlmondHaze 06-Apr-2023 Active
215 denise019 06-Dec-2022 Active
216 Summersuns 4-Jan-2023 Binded
217 nicoleh22 23-Feb-2023 Active
219 -l- 10-Jan-2023 Active
220 damncarl 8-Apr-2023 Active
224 Kommy 28-Oct-2023 Binded
229 DivineRuby 03-Apr-2023 Binded
230 Juuliia: 20-Jan-2023 Active
231 Player 26-Nov-2023 Binded
232 x77 24-Dec-2022 Binded
233 Perfy 25-Dec-2022 Active
235 HaydarG 06-Mar-2023 For Sale
240 Perfy 30-Dec-2022 Active
243 Em.. 09-Mar-2023 Binded
244 chidiva 16-Jan-2023 NFS
246 Split 22-Oct-2023 Binded
247 IAmReallyBored 06-Dec-2022 Active
250 Saturate 08-Dec-2022 Active
253 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
255 Woush 19-Dec-2022 Active
259 DOLLA 03-Apr-2023 Binded
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc 2012? 20-Jul-2023 Banned
tbc Baby 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Caramel 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Celiora 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Comet 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Cupid 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Daddy 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc desbonbons 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc hehe 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Krzysztoff 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Kt 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Laurennn 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc LegolasLeaf 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc lennys 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc lluvli 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Lollita 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc LoveAngel 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Loyal. 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc ManiacManos 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Matts 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc May 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Meal 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc mini 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Miracle 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Morfic 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Nova 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc OctoSense 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Outfit 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Pen 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Sheamus 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc SplitStorage 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Target 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc TheRealWowin 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Tom.. 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Unnamed 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc urbanlegend 22-Oct-2023 Binded
tbc Xenophyl 22-Oct-2023 Binded
Total 171/260 (66%)