Miss Olympus

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Miss Olympus
Motto: Handcrafted by Brazil's most skilled artisans.
Release date: 06 August 2016
Campaign: HabboLympix
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 162
Quantity sold: 162
Release price: 500 Credits
Owners tracked: 89/162 (55%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Next Release:
The Wraith

The Miss Olympus is a Limited Edition Rare released in August 2016 as part of the Habbo-Lympix campaign. Similar to the release of Charlie, the Miss Olympus was released into the Catalogue with only one unit available to buy, leaving many users disappointed. However, the item was removed from the Catalogue and later re-added with the correct number of 162 units available for purchase for the cost of 500 Credits. All 162 units were sold within a few minutes of entering the Catalogue.

The statue received mostly positive feedback, despite the glitch upon its release. Most users were pleased with the design of the furniture item itself and the badge that was awarded upon its purchase.


Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 102 different users have the badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 Thalls 03-Jul-2022 NFS
2 Babycakes 06-Aug-2016 Active
3 Jam 02-Nov-2017 Active
4 MochaChocaLatte 24-Dec-2022 For Sale
6 madash15 17-Sept-2018 Active
10 PrincessLatte_ 29-Oct-2020 Active
11 klguy7 20-Sept-2020 Active
12 J.J.Roaddogg 29-Apr-2020 Active
14 Chidiva 26-May-2017 Active
15 HypzShowluo 28-Jul-2020 For Sale
16 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
17 amor83 17-Sept-2020 Active
18 Arron 19-Aug-2021 Active
19 cudiboy01 26-Jan-2019 Inactive
21 Joan 22-Oct-2018 Active
25 Protone 26-May-2017 Active
27 GBsella 26-Mar-2019 Active
29 sound.simon 12-May-2021 Active
31 LeagueOfGods-RC 16-Feb-2021 Active
33 x--Rosiie 11-Jul-2020 Active
34 -Katrin- 06-Aug-2016 Active
37 Riqque 25-Dec-2022 Active
39 Sazzy168 11-Feb-2018 Active
40 fitty454 25-Jun-2020 NFS
43 HerbGreens 17-Apr-2021 Active
45 amor83 24-Jan-2019 Active
46 Joan 12-Jan-2018 Active
47 micjaffer 09-Apr-2021 Active
48 Gummy 06-Aug-2016 Active
49 Vonaged 06-Nov-2020 Active
50 tRadEx 01-Sep-2019 Active
51 Joan 12-Jan-2018 Active
52 CurrencyQueen 07-Mar-2018 Active
54 Recived 06-Aug-2016 Active
55 Joan 12-Jan-2018 Active
56 Sazzy168 21-Sept-2018 Active
58 Melarnie 26-Mar-2019 Active
60 Joan 12-Jan-2018 Active
61 x--Rosiie 26-May-2017 Active
62 eleanor194 02-Sep-2019 Active
64 FireShowing 04-Oct-2023 For Sale
67 Shonly 14-Jan-2018 Active
68 Joan 12-Jan-2018 Active
69 Angel-Wing 24-Dec-2022 For Sale
72 Rezer0 14-Jul-2020 For Sale
73 Shonly 14-Jan-2018 Active
75 lolli101 4-Feb-2019 Active
77 GiantEye 23-Nov-2020 Active
78 Drac03141 22-Sep-2021 Active
80 ricky-da-geezer 18-Apr-2019 Active
81 Agency-Director 30-Oct-2018 Active
82 Joan 22-Oct-2018 Active
83 -Seducer 26-Sept-2021 Active
84 LeagueOfGods-RC 16-Feb-2021 Active
86 Overkill 31-Jan-2020 Active
87 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
88 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
93 mrsmiahmua 24-Jan-2019 Active
96 Gromatic 06-Aug-2016 Active
98 KatyMono 18-Oct-2017 Active
99 Marinetti 22-Mar-2018 Inactive
100 .:-Dgo-:. 26-Mar-2019 Active
103 Graspingg 28-Jul-2020 Active
104 :-xyz-: 13-Mar-2020 Active
108 :S3 18-Sept-2020 Active
113 amor83 29-June-2018 Active
114 Phusion 05-Jul-2018 Active
115 1-Funfighter-1 31-Dec-2018 Active
116 HerbGreens 18-Apr-2021 Active
121 TheMoistOne. 24-Jan-2019 Active
122 Xd-Raven-bX 21-Mar-2020 Active
123 Lvdic 11-Feb-2018 Active
124 bella-tiara 06-Apr-2021 Active
128 ExtremeSlayer 24-Jun-2020 Active
131 1-Funfighter-1 31-Dec-2018 Active
132 :S3 24-Sept-2020 NFS
133 Typical 13-Dec-2020 For Sale
137 Sabbbbbie. 21-Apr-2021 Active
139 GiantEye 23-Nov-2020 Active
143 nedozzz779 31-Jan-2019 Active
144 skaterlmair 18-Apr-2020 Active
145 vispen 07-Jan-2020 Active
147 sound.simon 12-May-2021 Active
152 Graspingg 28-Jul-2020 Active
153 Adam:USA 30-Sept-2021 Active
154 Justin.Ames 21-Mar-2020 Active
155 PennieH 24-Jan-2019 Active
160 mrsmiahmua 24-Jan-2019 Active
162 rezer0 01-Jul-2020 Active
Total 89/162