Saloon Piano

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Saloon Piano
Motto: Play that funky music, cowboy
Release date: 24 August 2014
Campaign: Wild Wild West
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 240
Quantity sold: 131
Release price: 250 Credits
Owners tracked: 43/131 (33%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Habbo World Cup 2014
Next Release:
Professor's Lectern LTD

The Saloon Piano is a Limited Edition Rare that was released on August 24, 2014 as part of the Wild Wild West campaign. Upon its release, 240 units of this Rare was available to be bought via the Catalogue for 250 Credits. However, only 131 units of this Rare was sold before it was removed from the Catalogue.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
4 Funkyjen 25-May-2017 Active
9 x_PartyFavor_x 10-Dec-2019 Active
13 Rezer0 14-Jul-2020 For Sale
15 Funkyjen 25-May-2017 Active
18 RachelB004 16-Mar-2019 Active
22 d-two 27-Dec-2021 Active
28 Promiscous? 08-Jul-2020 Active
30 .WillyTheNoob. 28-Aug-2018 Active
44 odamieo27 25-May-2017 Active
45 LordofKittyKats 11-Aug-2020 Active
51 WallyB 27-Apr-2021 Active
56 dalew24 16-Mar-2019 Active
61 WHip! 23-Jan-2022 Active
65 Micaceous 31-Jan-2020 Active
68 Xtopher 29-Apr-2020 Active
69 Moonn6-Safety 25-May-2017 Active
95 eleonoraporta 5-Feb-2019 Active
99 CholoTheWise 27-Jan-2018 Active
100 Skim 27-Nov-2022 Active
104 chidiva 30-Dec-2021 Active
107 luddus 01-Mar-2024 Active
117 benjaminwoodiii 07-Oct-2023 Active
119 Cind3r 21-Sep-2017 Active
122 -lonelyman20- 25-Feb-2021 Active
134 FBD. 25-Jul-2018 Active
137 Hatecomputers 18-May-2021 Active
138 MoHRooms 28-Apr-2018 Active
149 Himynameisjesse 08-Oct-2023 Active
150 DanN191_Safety 21-May-2021 Active
153 Volek 26-Apr-2018 Active
157 KevinDurant 23-Jan-2022 Active
165 xCR0N0S 16-Mar-2019 Active
175 amro45 21-Apr-2021 Active
176 Bequ 13-Mar-2020 Active
178 Pawzi 12-Dec-2020 For Sale
181 Volek 26-Apr-2018 Active
195 Erik777 16-Mar-2019 Active
199 Rolv 16-Mar-2019 Active
203 Skor 25-May-2017 Active
207 SueOprahWinfrey 15-Oct-2023 Active
218 Graspingg 16-Jun-2020 Active
220 Funkyjen 25-May-2017 Active
229 USDF_HQ 10-Oct-2018 Active
Total 43/131