Rainbow plasto chair

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Rainbow Plasto Chair
Motto: All colors in one!
Release date: 05 May 2012
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 200
Quantity sold: 200
Release price: 75 Credits
Owners tracked: 82/200 (41%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Rainbow Occasional Table
Next Release:
Rainbow Square Dining Table

The Rainbow plasto chair was released on 5th May 2012 and took part in the 'Plastic Funeral' promotion on Habbo, it was priced at 75 Credits and there were 200 available to buy. This followed the Rainbow occasional table and was the second Rainbow Plasto furniture to be released.

The price for the item hasn't decreased much as it's more wanted than others, such as the Rainbow square dining table and Rainbow round dining table. The item used to often be used in Casinos due to it being a seat. Not only that, it takes up one space thus is smaller than some of the others in the range.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 safeBon 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
2 BQ 13-Jul-2020 Active
3 BQ 13-Jul-2020 Active
4 Post 12-Jan-2021 Active
5 Post 12-Jan-2021 Active
6 Post 12-Jan-2021 Active
7 Post 12-Jan-2021 Active
9 iSmexi 26-Apr-2022 Active
10 iSmexi 26-Apr-2022 Active
11 iSmexi 26-Apr-2022 Active
12 iSmexi 26-Apr-2022 Active
13 Post 12-Jan-2021 Active
16 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
17 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
18 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
19 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
20 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
22 gissberg 01-Oct-2019 Inactive
25 MrDaze 01-Oct-2019 Active
27 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
31 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
32 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
33 xxxbethxxx229 21-Nov-2022 Inactive
38 JamesTaylor93 21-Nov-2022 Active
39 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
40 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
42 gissberg 01-Oct-2019 Inactive
43 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
45 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
57 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
61 Juggling 07-Feb-2022 Active
62 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
64 Window 12-Jan-2021 Active
66 U2 19-Aug-2021 Active
69 Post 12-Jan-2021 Active
72 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
73 Pectize 23-May-2020 Active
75 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
76 deegers 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
77 deegers 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
78 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
79 Naughty 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
81 WhiteSafe 21-Nov-2022 Inactive
84 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
88 Aceter 12-July-2018 Active
97 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
98 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
100 Skim 27-Nov-2022 Active
102 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
103 deegers 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
104 Window 17-Apr-2021 Active
105 deegers 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
107 Window 17-Apr-2021 Active
108 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
115 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
122 Window 30-Jul-2020 Active
127 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
131 tRadEx 24-Jun-2021 Active
134 deegers 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
141 Edaurd 22-Dec-2021 Active
142 Nicco 25-June-2021 Active
146 itsspacey 18-Jun-2020 Active
149 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
150 Lewki 07-Sep-2020 Inactive
152 Pectize 23-May-2020 Active
155 Nicco 07-May-2020 Active
156 Oxidez 21-Nov-2022 Banned
163 deegers 27-Feb-2019 Inactive
165 Oxidez 21-Nov-2022 Banned
166 Oxidez 21-Nov-2022 Banned
168 B 27-Feb-2019 Inactive
172 choi 30-May-2019 Inactive
177 itsspacey 21-Nov-2022 Active
178 Pectize 23-May-2020 Active
180 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
181 Nicco 25-June-2021 Active
186 Pectize 12-Nov-2018 Active
189 deegers 27-Feb-2019 Inactive
197 Isabellabree 12-Oct-2018 Inactive
198 Chidiva 15-May-2017 Active
199 deegers 27-Feb-2019 Inactive
200 StefanoDiMera 07-Sep-2020 Active
Total 82/200