Black Scifi Pod

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Black Scifi Pod
Motto: Limited Edition Rare. Fall into the black hole of sleep.
Release date: 06 April 2012
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 2000
Quantity sold: 2000
Release price: 50 Credits
Owners tracked: 121/2000 (6%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Cherry Tree
Next Release:
Black Dino Egg

The Black Scifi Pod was released in April 2012 and was one of the least wanted items in the Limited Edition Rares range. This was mainly due to it being similar to the Black Leviathan as it too was one of the Collectibles but was recoloured in the same process. Not only that but the amount available on sale was 2000, thus making it more common than both the Cherry Tree and Black Leviathan.

With its release into the Catalogue players were shown that only 1000 were left to purchase, however, when the amount reached 0 it began at 1000 again to release the second half, totaling 2000. This sparked confusion from players as they panicked and bought the item due to the accelerated decrease in the amount. After that hype ceased the Black Scifi Pod took longer than the others to sell out.

Unlike the other rares released before it the Black Scifi Pod was purchasable for 50 Credits a 25 Credit drop from the others - it too had a motto that appeared mysterious like the Black Leviathan's, 'Limited Edition Rare. Fall into the black hole of sleep.'

The Black Scifi Pod was a recolour of the Cryogenic Bed and appeared as a contrast to it.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
2 SnowflakeQueen 30-Mar-2017 Active
9 :-uSafety 03-Oct-2023 Active
27 first.kiss 17-Sep-2018 Active
30 HaleKane 17-Dec-2021 NFS
38 peter=z= 16-Mar-2019 Active
45 samhye 07-Jan-2020 Active
55 kocas871 28-Jul-2020 For Sale
65 SimonSilversked 08-Oct-2023 Active
66 PAWNSHOPZ 02-Jul-2019 Active
99 KingKlariT 30-Aug-2020 Active
123 peter=z= 16-Mar-2019 Active
126 DoubleOzBigEz 13-Jan-2019 Active
129 Detritus 01-Aug-2021 Active
134 Chidiva 30-Mar-2017 Active
137 ShutupM8 21-Dec-2022 For Sale
142 lilmztammy42 25-May-2017 Active
173 ,holmes- 02-Jun-2019 Active
174 deegers 16-Mar-2019 Active
175 peter=z= 16-Mar-2019 Active
176 Loggout 13-Jun-2019 Active
196 Chidiva 30-Mar-2017 Active
207 MoHRooms 30-Mar-2017 Active
215 ricky-da-geezer 28-Jan-2022 Active
228 sweet_lil_iris 8-Auf-2021 Active
237 ThisIsMeKmg 19-May-2020 Active
246 Funkyjen 30-Mar-201 Active
267 -AgentBear- 21-Jun-2020 Active
269 Moonn6-Safety 30-Mar-2017 Active
275 Freetoy! 30-Mar-2017 Active
288 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
311 DirkieDirk 16-Mar-2019 Active
320 YouAreBrave 17-Apr-2020 Active
353 xXBigBossSon 21-Jun-2020 Active
378 WNxBanned 09-Aug-2020 Active
381 Graspingg 24-May-2020 Active
394 Funkyjen 30-Mar-2017 Active
421 Baird, 21-Apr-2021 Active
437 ricky-da-geezer 27-Jun-2019 Active
447 first.kiss 17-Sep-2018 Active
448 VongolaPG2 02-Oct-2018 Active
490 Hugo 22-Dec-2019 Active
497 .:-Dgo-:. 16-Mar-2019 Active
500 Altijd 25-Aug-2019 Active
528 LissaLee 21-Apr-2021 Active
570 .Pyro. 02-Sep-2019 Active
632 -Lichkristine- 17-Aug-2021 Active
854 Adeus 23-Apr-2023 Active
935 -Lichkristine- 17-Aug-2021 Active
639 mifl 16-Jul-2020 Active
694 Tori! 02-Oct-2018 Active
721 young-Gucci 03-Jul-2020 For Sale
724 Zach 05-Oct-2023 For Sale
731 KillerKevin995 12-Dec-2020 For Sale
749 Oriency 29-Jan-2019 Active
752 Loggout 13-Jun-2019 Active
762 -Lichkristine- 17-Aug-2021 Active
777 badamana18 17-Nov-2020 For Sale
784 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
826 SnowflakeQueen 30-Mar-2017 Active
837 -Lichkristine- 17-Aug-2021 Active
840 franchellecute 01-Jan-2021 Active
854 :-uSafety 16-Oct-2023 For Sale
926 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
939 -Lichkristine- 17-Aug-2021 Active
941 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
950 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
952 JQ1 21-Feb-2020 Active
955 90Days 21-Sep-2017 Active
961 -Lichkristine- 17-Aug-2021 Active
975 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1005 Cartilage 11-June-2020 Active
1025 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1097 DoubleOzBigEz 13-Jan-2019 Active
1119 spen1000 14-Sep-2021 Active
1124 Fizby 23-Jul-2021 Active
1128 -Nick- 21-Dec-2022 Active
1145 PodSfty 12-Nov-2018 Active
1188 d-two 13-Feb-2021 For Sale
1213 hermanj14 16-Mar-2019 Active
1245 Promiscuous? 23-Oct-2017 Active
1255 king-jakebabee 27-Jul-2019 Active
1263 Brooklyn 01-Feb-2023 Active
1288 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
1301 MrChooki 30-Mar-2021 Active
1318 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1325 ThisIsMeKmg 18-May-2020 Active
1359 TheMerchant 24-May-2021 Active
1381 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1382 -RealDeal- 16-Mar-2019 Active
1383 Affzlur! 24-Apr-2021 Active
1394 samhye 07-Jan-2020 Active
1421 Maranal 15-Oct-2018 Active
1434 0wnage2u 29-Sep-2021 Active
1436 .:TOM:.:SBD:. 27-Jun-2020 NFS
1442 Lambo! 22-Mar-2018 Active
1472 Planifolia 16-Mar-2019 Active
1477 Tori! 02-Oct-2018 Active
1480 ?....? 13-May-2017 Inactive
1519 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1528 macfaydn13 16-Mar-2019 Active
1542 Jorgemax!mo 30-Mar-2017 Active
1555 OpenBig 20-Nov-2018 Active
1573 Chidiva 30-Mar-2017 Active
1580 Lewky 17-Sep-2018 Inactive
1590 Sazzy168 16-Mar-2019 Active
1603 ThisIsMeKmg 18-May-2020 Active
1606 Telent 2-Jul-2019 Active
1612 PodSfty 12-Nov-2018 Active
1625 kocas871 15-Jul-2020 For Sale
1642 Jorgemax!mo 09-Dec-2018 Active
1698 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1718 choi 30-May-2019 Active
1772 HaleKane 19-Jul-2020 For Sale
1777 Planful 16-Mar-2019 Active
1784 seanxxx 13-Oct-2023 Active
1822 ricky-da-geezer 28-Jan-2022 Active
1897 JQ1 21-Feb-2021 Active
1958 kingkevinnn 16-Mar-2019 Active
1982 eleonoraporta 28-Jan-2019 Active
1989 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
1997 Vonaged 06-Nov-2020 Active
Total 121/2000 (6%)