Black Leviathan

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Black Leviathan
Black Leviathan.png
Motto: Limited Edition Rare. Found in the darkest depths of the abyss.
Release date 04 April 2012
Limited Edition Rare
Number available: 800
Number sold: 800
Original price 75 Credits
Rare Values
Category Limited Edition Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Black Leviathan was the first Limited Edition Rare on Habbo and it was released in April 2012. There were 800 units available at a price of 75 Credits each and were all sold within a few hours, ready for the Cherry Tree's release the next day.

As the first Limited Edition Rare available, it was met by negative reviews due to it being a recolour of the Leviatha which was first released in 2009 as the first of the Lost WorldCollectibles range. Although it wasn't liked, the value is currently over its original selling price.

Although it's the recoloured version of the Leviatha, it uses the old name of the item which was the 'Leviathan'. Similarly to the Leviatha, it has two states whereby it can have water coming from its mouth or not.

The motto of the Black Leviathan is 'Limited Edition Rare. Found in the darkest depths of the abyss.'

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
2 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
8 30up 30-Mar-2017 Active
12 madash15 17-Sep-2018 Active
21 TheLifeWeLost 30-May-2019 Active
23 Sazzy168 21-Sep-2018 Active
29 Cupcae 13-May-2021 Active
33 Loto 3-Mar-2019 Active
39 HaleKane 23-Oct-2020 NFS
42 Hytran 3-Mar-2019 Active
46 Sazzy168 21-Sep-2018 Active
51 x_PartyFavor_x 30-Jun-2019 Active
53 danny9866 20-Nov-2018 Active
56 -AgentBear- 17-Jun-2020 Active
61 siralex13 01-Nov-2017 Active
69 serasoldan66 31-Mar-2017 Active
70 PrincessLatte_ 02-Apr-2021 Active
84 Lewky 30-Mar-2017 Inactive
88 aceter 12-Jul-2018 Active
89 bad.habits 19-Jul-2020 Active
91 choi 30-May-2019 Active
93 L0-V3 27-Apr-2018 Active
96 RichPeter 24-Nov-2017 Active
98 l3i 17-May-2021 Active
105 xiaotone 12-Oct-2018 Active
115 X_PartyFavor_X 10-Jan-2018 Active
117 Rayns 01-Dec-2018 Active
118 MrChooki 24-Feb-2021 Active
124 x_PartyFavor_x 10-Jun-2019 Active
128 Rayns 01-Dec-2018 Active
129 Cyclodiene 18-Sept-2020 Active
134 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
135 Chidiva 30-Mar-2017 Active
136 WinningIsLosing 11-Aug-2019 Active
138 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
144 -=BabyJana=- 3-Mar-2019 Active
156 miszgia 05-Dec-2018 Active
159 richhit 18-Apr-2019 Active
164 devon9479 14-Oct-2018 Active
168 aceter 12-Jul-2018 Active
170 EmzStars 03-Mar-2019 Active
172 deegers 03-Mar-2019 Active
175 Twerps 02-Oct-2018 Active
176 Loggout 01-Aug-2020 Active
181 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
190 Magical 02-Oct-2018 Active
191 Lewky 30-Mar-2017 Inactive
196 iRippedMyShirt 30-Mar-2021 Active
198 aceter 12-Jul-2018 Active
200 Skums 19-Jul-2020 Active
209 LoriAngel 03-Mar-2019 Active
213 Planful 18-Apr-2019 Active
215 TinyFroggy 30-Jul-2018 Active
222 ,holmes- 18-Apr-2019 Active
224 L0-V3 27-Apr-2018 Active
230 VongolaPG2 16-May-2020 Active
233 Tigers. 26-May-2019 Active
238 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
240 beanuwiwu 01-Jan-2020 Active
248 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
264 Blinx 31-Mar-2017 Active
280 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
288 aceter 12-July-2018 Active
289 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
298 Wanderingly 21-Sept-2020 Active
313 Baird, 21-Apr-2021 Active
315 QuerriAKAQKING 16-Feb-2021 Active
325 spyjasonsafety 30-Mar-2017 Active
331 monkey674 06-Apr-2021 Active
333 plinkoaddict 27-Jan-2019 Active
339 AlienHeat 11-Dec-2017 Active
344 LostHermeities 09-May-2021 Active
345 Ondre007 04-Apr-2021 Active
348 Chidiva 30-Mar-2017 Active
355 Stack 30-Jun-2018 Active
369 KingKlariT 01-Jan-2021 Active
370 TheRealDoppy 21-Mar-2018 Active
372 memeitsallme 10-Aug-2018 Active
373 Zamin 12-Oct-2018 Active
374 TinyFroggy 30-Jul-2018 Active
375 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
377 Esophageal 03-Mar-2019 Active
379 22C 16-Feb-2021 Active
396 ozad 18-Sep-2018 Active
401 Rayns 01-Dec-2018 Active
404 :-Zedd-: 09-Nov-2019 Active
421 !-!Silly!-!Mouse!-! 30-Mar-2017 Active
429 tjs655 22-Dec-2019 Active
430 Zerpant 25-Feb-2020 Active
436 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
445 spyjthecrazy 13-Jan-2019 Active
446 YourMagesty:P 05-Jul-2020 Active
459 beanuwiwu 1-Jan-2020 Active
464 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
468 visitor50g6-7 01-May-2021 Active
471 Hx.Ben 19-Mar-2021 Active
473 Rayns 01-Dec-2018 Active
492 Leagueboosting 26-May-2019 Active
493 kylemittelman 26-Apr-2021 Active
506 VongolaPG2 02-Oct-2018 Active
507 .::Santino::. 3-Mar-2019 Active
535 Baird, 21-Apr-2021 Active
540 yooookie 18-Jul-2020 For Sale
543 Exoticfruiiit 17-May-2021 Active
554 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
555 ZXRWH 01-Oct-2019 Active
564 arejayjayy 21-Jun-2020 Active
568 :-xyz-: 13-Mar-2020 Active
571 Exoticfruiiit 17-May-2021 Active
576 dash=me 29-Jan-2019 Active
599 MetalHead9009 10-Nov-2019 Active
605 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
606 S.LUCK 03-Mar-2019 Active
608 CoolZizzo 30-Jun-2018 Active
630 RC-Ministry 26-Jun-2020 Active
634 Swaggaliciouis 25-Mar-2021 Active
638 QuerriAKAQKING 16-Feb-2021 Active
639 .:lithuania:. 03-Mar-2019 Active
642 acemdrahma67 25-May-2017 Active
646 lovesGaara 12-Oct-2018 Active
659 awinlely 26-Jan-2019 Active
668 Forkhead 09-Nov-2020 Active
671 RC-Ministry 25-Jun-2020 Active
683 Blance. 10-Aug-2018 Active
693 Swaggaliciouis 25-Mar-2021 Active
694 Lordsmiley 28-May-2020 Active
697 Leviathanz 16-May-2020 Active
704 AyseBabe 5-Aug-2019 Active
705 dash=me 29-Jan-2019 Active
723 relfie86 08-Sep-2020 Active
734 zooyork,safety 02-Oct-2018 Active
735 zooyork,safety 02-Oct-2018 Active
752 Loggout 01-Aug-2020 Active
754 :-Zedd-: 9-Nov-2019 Active
756 CharlieManx 02-May-2020 Active
758 WN_RC 03-Mar-2019 Active
768 22C 08-Aug-2020 Active
772 badamana18 17-Nov-2020 For Sale
778 Schnapped 18-Apr-2019 Active
780 Binayy 15-Jun-2020 Active
782 devon9479 14-Oct-2018 Active
786 Ondre007 04-Apr-2021 Active
798 klguy7 26-May-2019 Active
Total 142/800